Delme. End of a great season for Delmois archers

After two seasons very disturbed by the Covid, the 45 graoullys of the archery section of the Foyer rural de Delme were able to enjoy a full season and find their way back to departmental and national meetings.

At the departmental level, these are individual shots and level crossings. Conversely, the selections for the national criterium take place by teams and allow intergenerational exchange and cohesion. During these selections, the Delmois archers qualified once again for the national archery criterium which, this year, took place in Verberie, in the Oise, the 20th participation at the highest level.

On the top step of the podium

19 graoullys delmois proudly represented Delme, Moselle and Lorraine, from June 4 to 6, in Verberie. The team was made up of ten archers (Franck Didier, Marjorie Pacic, Christophe Velja, Marie Aumonier, Benoît Aumonier, Maxandre Velja, Antone Wisniowicki, Vincent Bouet, Gaëtan Guerber and Romane Rivet) grouped into four categories: under 12, 12 -16 years old, 16-20 years old and over 20 years old. A major fact is that the team can only field a maximum of six archers per series, in a minimum of three categories (two qualifying series and one series for the finalists). Note that Vincent Bouet was the youngest archer in the competition.

21 teams were in the running, including four from Moselle: the Foyer rural de Delme, the archers of Joli fou de Luppy, the archers of Antarès-Rémilly and those of Vernois.

All the Delme archers took part and each one knew how to give their best. This allowed the team to qualify for the final (4th in the qualifying rounds) and climb to the top step of the national criterium at the end of the match. The podium was completed by the Foyer rural de Pogny (2nd) and the archers of Antarès-Rémilly (3rd), i.e. a 100% Grand Est podium.

The national criterium trophy is thus back on Delmois land, after 2011 and 2012.



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