Deadly efficient KV Oostende smears Charleroi second defeat in a row | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

KV Oostende started the season with a great 6 out of 9. Yves Vanderhaeghe’s tactical plan – striking on the counter – worked well against Charleroi. With three counters, Charleroi was able to foist a second loss in a row.

Charleroi – KV Oostende in a nutshell

  • Key moment: the equalizer has to launch Charleroi, but KV Oostende only needs one chance to dent the hopes of the home side.
  • Man of the match: Yves Vanderhaeghe seems to have found a royal couple with Ambrose and Batzner.
  • Remarkable: it has been since 2019 that KV Oostende was able to win again at Mambourg.

Charleroi forgets to score, Ostend doesn’t

With a cascade of shredded paper and toilet rolls, Charleroi’s supporters tried to fire up their team before the start. This caused problems for the stewards in particular: they needed 5 minutes to clear Hubert’s penalty area with a leaf blower.

The delay seemed to inspire KV Oostende in particular. The visitors immediately warned Charleroi twice with their high pressing and switching moments.

A disallowed goal from Charleroi turned the match after fifteen minutes. The home team monopolized possession of the ball and was able to put Hubert to work twice. Andreou’s attempt was still able to stop the KVO goalkeeper with his face.

A goal was in the air… but it was Koffi who had to turn around. Robbie D’Haese finished a counter with a tight ball. Charleroi could no longer answer that before half time.

Two chances, two goals for Ostend

Charleroi didn’t seem to be able to make a fist after the break either. The game was sloppy, the chances failed to materialize. But the first good chance was immediately hit. What failed before half time – diving into the back of the defense – Kayembe was now able to do. He put the ball ready for Nkuba, who finished.

The equalizer did not make KVO seize a different approach: on the counter it struck again deadly. From the crescent, Batzner was able to give the visitors the lead again.

With a triple substitution, Edward Still tried to force a final offensive, without success. The desperate attacks of the Zebras were punished in extra time with a counter-prick from substitute Ndicka: 1-3.

Charleroi’s supporters had to dry their tears after a 2nd defeat in a row. If only they had saved up a toilet roll at the start of the match.

Vanderhaeghe: “Charleroi didn’t get us in trouble”

Edward Still did not have to look long for an explanation for the defeat. “Efficiency in the penalty area,” said the Charleroi coach. “We had enough chances to score at least once before half-time, but Hubert made some great saves.”

“Ostend was very efficient on the counterattack and had clearly analyzed us well. But if they block us, another zone will be released. We make too little use of that.”

“Am I worried yet? Of course, after two defeats. But I remain calm. We will study this game well to be ready next week.”

at coach Yves Vanderhaeghe there was a sigh of relief at the redeeming third goal. “It’s a nice win on the move, which no one had counted on in advance.”

“We took our moments and the goals can be seen. We kept fighting. Charlerois didn’t really get us in trouble. There was a leg or a foot of Ostend everywhere.”

“This is a good start, but we have to stay sober. Feet on the ground and working hard every week.”

  1. second half, minute 97 match over
  2. second half, minute 96. End. KV Oostende starts the season with 6 out of 9. With three deadly counters it silences Charleroi: 3-1. .
  3. second half, minute 96. KVO finishes it: 3-1. Road busy, because KV Oostende completes the match in the switch. Ndicka remains calm and puts the ball neatly in the left corner. .
  4. Goal during the second half, minute 96 by Théo Ndicka Matam of KV Oostende. 1, 3.
  5. second half, minute 95. KVO tries to keep up with the ball to the corner kick flag, without success. They will have to face the storm in the closing minutes. .
  6. Yellow card for Charleroi’s Stefan Knezevic during the second half, minute 94
  7. second half, minute 93. The 5 extra minutes ticked away mercilessly for Charleroi. Meanwhile, Ndicka is lying on the floor. He needs care, referee Kevin Van Damme immediately makes it clear that he will add a few more minutes. .
  8. second half, minute 88. Charleroi’s final offensive is not forthcoming for the time being, despite Edward Still’s triple intervention. KV Oostende, previously labeled as a relegation candidate, seems to start with 6 out of 9. .
  9. second half, minute 86. Substitution at KV Oostende, Makhtar Gueye in, Nick Batzner out
  10. second half, minute 86. Substitution at KV Oostende, Mohamed Berte in, Thierry Ambrose out
  11. second half, minute 85. Charleroi surrounds the penalty area of ​​KV Oostende, but the visitors keep it closed. The Zebras will have to count on individual action to equalize. .
  12. second half, minute 81. Will we still have a final offensive? With three fresh forces, Charleroi has enough energy in the tank for a final offensive. Can Ostend still hurt in the final phase? .
  13. second half, minute 79. Substitution at Charleroi, Daan Heymans in, Marco Ilaimaharitra out
  14. second half, minute 79. Substitution at Charleroi, Isaac Mbenza in, Ali Gholizadeh out
  15. second half, minute 79. Charleroi’s answer is not forthcoming: a triple substitution by Edward Still. Tchatchoua (for Bessile), Mbenza (for Gholizadeh) and Heymans (for Ilaimaharitra) still have to help Charleroi with points. .
  16. second half, minute 79. Substitution at Charleroi, Jackson Tchatchoua in, Loïc Bessile out
  17. second half, minute 79. Substitution at KV Oostende, Théo Ndicka Matam in, David Atanga out
  18. second half, minute 76. Yves Vanderhaeghe throws Sieben Dewaele between the lines to replace Rocha Santos. Goal scorer Robbie D’Haese can also blow out on the bench, Siebe Wylin takes his place. .
  19. second half, minute 76. Substitution at KV Oostende, Siebe Wylin in, Robbie D’Haese out
  20. second half, minute 75. Substitution at KV Oostende, Sieben Dewaele in, Kenny Rocha Santos out


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