Danilo: ”I look at that in a healthy way”

Danilo has been a Feyenoord player since this summer. The Brazilian came transfer-free to De Kuip and is now enjoying himself in Rotterdam. The striker hopes to be important soon and deliver goals.

“It was a big step for me,” Danilo told Feyenoord Media. ”I moved from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. I have indicated in all the interviews that this is a great city. All the big buildings remind me of Sao Paulo. It’s a really great city and I love living here.”

Immediately after his transfer, Danilo went on a training camp to Austria. “It was really nice to see what the team was like. We did more and more together and I got a better connection with the guys. The training sessions were tough every day, but that was good for the condition. I got used to it. Denzel Hall became my buddy there, but he’s already gone. The great thing is that we live close to each other.”

“The practice matches did not go as the supporters expected. I also felt a bit of pressure because I want to score for the club. I really do everything possible for that. I fight for it and want to be a fighter. I think everyone can see that, but it’s coming. I have to make sure I’m ready. We had a good preparation, only the team was not complete yet. Now we have new players and the level is going up.”

Slot especially emphasizes that the players should play with more passion, as in the last half hour against Osasuna. “In the preparation we were taught to be more aggressive. We must complement each other as a team. The trainer also told it after the last practice match that we were a competitive team at the end. We want to take that level to the Eredivisie.”

Santiago Gimenez

How does Danilo deal with the arrival of the 21-year-old Mexican striker? “I look at that in a healthy way. Of course he adds quality that the team needs. There will always be competition. That only makes each other better.” Danilo is also asked in the Feyenoord TV item with whom he hangs out the most. “I spend most of my time with Cole and Alireza. Now also with Timber.”

Danilo also plans to take Dutch classes: ”I start next week. I will practice every day. I really want to invest in it. Speaking Dutch is very important for my personal life and also towards the supporters. Even if I go out in the Netherlands, I will understand things sooner. When people talk about me I know what they’re saying, they can’t gossip anymore.”



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