Daniil Medvedev’s reaction after a fan called him a “loser”

Everyone is brave until Daniil Medvedev stands in front of you with his almost two meters tall to face you. And that was what one fan experienced, who was speechless when the Russian He confronted him after calling him “loser” after his elimination at the Master 1000 in Montreal, Canada.

Bear protector was defeated in his first match in the Montreal tournament against Nick Kyrgios, who played the Wimbledon final a few weeks ago. Medvedev could not attend that Grand Slam, due to the restrictions imposed by the tournament on players from Russia and Belarus.

Daniil Medvedev’s message after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: “Sometimes tennis is not that important”

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Photo: Mexican Tennis Open

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Photo: Mexican Tennis Open

Fan calls Medvedev “loser”

For that reason, Medvedev began preparing for the US Open, the last Grand Slam of the year and one of his first tests was Montreal, however, he was eliminated much earlier than expected and after leaving the center court he passed through an area where there were dozens of fans.

One of them, in the distance, called “loser” between the shouts of other followers who asked for a photo or an autograph. The player recognized that cry, so he turned around and with his 1.98 meters tall he approached the author of said cry to face him and claim that gesture. “What did you say?”started the Russian, who started a claim of almost 50 seconds and that ended with the gesture of the tennis player asking him to think.

After this situation, in which security elements approached to prevent something bigger, The tennis player continued on his way “very calmly”.

At 26 years old, the Russian tennis player is the reigning US Open championalso has four Masters 1000, and was crowned in Mexico at the Los Cabos Open before facing the Montreal tournament.



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