Daniel Torres: “I knocked on the door of Santa Fe and they told me no”

Daniel Torres met a group full of “humity and camaraderie” that made him feel good on his first day with David González’s Medellín. He is happy and grateful for the opportunity that his new coach and managers gave him when he made the decision to return to Colombia as a family. after playing six seasons in Spanish football.

With more gray hair and the same good energy that he showed in his previous cycle with the Powerfulthe 32-year-old midfielder delivered at the Raúl Giraldo sports venue, in Llanogrande, his first press conference as a reinforcement of the DIM, of which he was already captain and helped win the sixth star.

Torres said that he “knocked on the door” of Santa Fe and Medellín when he ventured back. “The priority was these two clubs at the time of returning”, expressed the player, who revealed that he obtained a refusal in the cardinal institution, while the Red of the Mountain took the time to think about it and finally gave the “OK” to repatriation.

Being able to be part of this project is something for which I am very grateful”commented the midfielder born in Cáqueza, to whom that 2016 final, in which he could not act because he was concentrated with the Colombian National Team, he left a pending account to settle.

The return: “A great illusion. I already perceived it from the outside and what they have been able to share with me from the moment I have contact with Medellín. I can tell when I start sharing with them. I believe that (there is) the joy and the illusion of doing great things in the institution. The project that there is with David is something that excites us all, we hope that it also has the fans and we can achieve the objectives that lie ahead”.

Contract: “A year and a half… I think it’s very good. It is a start, but we hope to be able to extend it and be there for many more years”.

Current level: “I come very well. It’s my perspective and how I feel, but clearly that has to be shown day by day. Obviously trying to fit in with the idea of ​​the game and the way my teammates play, to get to know them and capture them in each game. That is where we will all realize how Daniel Torres arrives. During this time I have grown in several aspects; I hope to be able to contribute that to Medellín and be happy as we were before leaving”.

Have you seen the matches?: “I did have the opportunity to see DIM play. I told my son that it would be great to be able to be there because of the way the game is played, the identity that teacher David is giving the team”.

Reunion with Marrugo and David: “The last year that I was able to share with them was spectacular as teammates. I hope that this time will be a great blessing for us in sharing and for all the fans”.

Return to the FPC and offers: “More or less a month and a half ago with my wife and my children we made the decision to return to Colombia. From there we started knocking on doors. The two clubs with which I am very grateful for my time when I started my career are Santa Fe and Medellín; They were the first doors I could knock on. In Santa Fe they tell me no and in DIM, waiting. Several options arose. It was clear to him that he would decide when he arrived in Colombia (Friday, August 5). On Thursday, just before traveling, I have a communication with Medellín and it was very easy to make the decision.

David’s game idea: “He has an idea that is clear in his delivery of the ball, in the position of each player. The way he plays is something that is managed in Europe. But in order to apply it, many things are needed, not just talent and love. I think it is something that has started very well and is going to end very well”.

Hobby: “Yesterday (Tuesday) I was completely moved by the way in which they have received me, by the love they have given me. I thank them and I hope to be reciprocal with titles and goals achieved”.

Play the final with the DIM: “I hope they are times of victory and where I can participate present, because at that time I was not there (in 2016), but I was part of it because of the way I participated from a distance. Being able to experience it from the inside would be spectacular, it is something that I yearn for and I ask God to give me that opportunity that has begun today”.



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