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Increasingly, Colombia is showing that there is a very good generation that is about to explode and that is already giving something to talk about with important referents, key actors, and a huge projection made up of soccer players who play in Colombian Professional Soccer, and others. that already stand out abroad. Néstor Lorenzo will have to be very attentive in the various stadiums in Colombia and in the world to include the best local prospects in his calls. He is spoiled for choice with Daniel Ruiz, Carlos Gomez and Alexis Castillo Manyoma to mention a few names.

Among that list, there is a player who is already giving something to talk about, and it seems curious that he has not yet been taken into account in the lists and calls of the strategists of the Colombian National Team. Daniel Ruiz, an explosion of talent and a soccer delight in Millionaires who has been leaving impressions worldwide, so much so that there are already clubs abroad and especially in Europe that want to have his services.

And it is no secret to anyone that Daniel Ruiz has that character and that humility to make the leap to Europe, among them, a suitor who appears and is a lover of Colombians, and more at an early age, FC Porto that has been interested in Daniel Ruiz. The Bogotano lacks a title with Millionaires to consecrate himself, but already in the world they know the projection and the great future that the albiazul winger has.

Daniel Ruiz can offer great overflow, a good shot from long distance, he can shoot a surprise to score as was the goal in ten seconds against Cortuluá, and leaves fans open-mouthed due to his talent. Accompanying Ruiz is Carlos Andrés Gómez, 19, who also shines in Millonarios. The man from Chocó scored his first brace with great class, especially in the second, hitting the ball over the goalkeeper.

According to the CIES Soccer Observatory, Daniel Ruiz and Carlos Andrés Gómez are two of the biggest prospects in the world. In their list they published 250 players, and not only are Ruiz and Gómez, but they are also accompanied by two other coffee growers: Alexis Castillo Manyoma and Jhon Jáder Durán from Cortuluá and Chicago Fire respectively.

Daniel Ruiz is the best profiled in the list with a sum of 78.2 points, while Carlos Gómez is the second Colombian with 71.1, then Alexis Castillo Manyoma with 64.1 and lastly Jhon Durán with 63.5. Ruiz, Gómez, Castillo Manyoma and Durán are under the shadow of Vinícius Jr who leads the table.

In turn, CIES explained how they carried out this statistic by mentioning, “the ranking is made according to the number of official minutes played in the last 365 days and their performance on the field compared to their teammates and opponents, as well as with regarding players with the same technical profile according to the role-based approach also recently developed by the research team of the CIES Football Observatory”.



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