Cuban coach Rolando Veitía comes out of coma, but continues in intensive care

Rolando Veitía, the former coach of the Cuban women’s judo team, came out of a suspected cardiovascular accident, but is still in intensive care at a hospital in the city of Alicante, Spain.

Yanet Bermoy, a two-time Olympic runner-up and one of Veitía’s students in the golden age of Cuban judo, reported that Veitía had woken up from a coma.

“For Cuba and for the World. Teacher Veitia just gave the Devil an ippon. Recently, his son called me [para decirme] that the teacher woke up from the coma, clasps his hands and little tears of joy run from his eyes when we put an audio on the videos that we have downloaded related to the work of Judo that he did together with his athletes”, wrote the former athlete.

Bermoy added: “Now to recover, samurai. We love you so much from all corners of the world. Blessings, samurai.” For her part, Diadenys Luna, bronze medalist at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, also commented on the publication: “I know you will not let yourself be defeated, you are a champion. I love you, Cuba loves you, San Lázaro will protect you. Speedy recovery and thousands of blessings.

On August 6, the Cuban Sports University reported that they maintained “concern and vigilance in the face of such news,” in reference to Veitía’s urgent hospitalization.

“The great Cuban educator is admitted to intensive care, his condition is serious and he is in a coma, sedated and on assisted breathing.

Like his son, editor of the note, in our House of Higher Studies, we trust that his strength will make him get ahead in this difficult health crisis, “they added.

“Infinite strength and love for our dear professor, wherever he may be. May the best lights, feelings and wishes be with him in this difficult hour. To his family, which is also ours, the affection and accompaniment. We are with you”, they concluded.



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