Countering feints of the opponent – Denzlingen

Günter Disch from Denzlingen is awarded the state honorary pin / The former baker is involved in many things.

. In 1993, at the age of 50, Günter Disch fought his last judo fight. At that time he had already been on the mat for 30 years, also next to the competition area. Because for the baker, who was born in Freiburg in 1943 and moved to Denzlingen in 1975, it is clear that sport can only be practiced if those responsible are active in the background. For 41 years he has been at the head of the judo department he founded in the Denzlingen gymnastics club. His commitment was recently recognized with the award of the State Badge of Honour.

“Sport has always been important to me. When I graduated from the Karlschule, I did the same with the maximum number of points at the National Youth Games,” says Disch with pride. But even though he was a good track and field athlete, having the most fun…



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