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Lilita Carrió, the leader of the Civic Coalition, had her furious day. It’s not the first time. But this return caused a deafening noise within the main opposition coalition. Just when the magnifying glass was on the maneuvers that the Government is trying to do to save a crisis that could take them away.

“Bad timing” they said yesterday in the main offices of the opposition. “You cannot act with the irresponsibility of making such a complaint at such a delicate moment“.

Depending on the place of consultation, the answer was different. “Lilita has been saying this for a long time. It’s the same thing she told 4 years ago. Nobody came out to deny. It bothers them that Lilita says it, but they don’t deny it”. Elisa Carrió was participating in the Eduardo Feinmann and Johny Viale TV program when they asked her a question about Sergio Massa. There she started the engine and proceeded without hesitation: she denounced several of the leaders of the PRO, to maintain a “partnership” with the now Minister of Economy, whom Lilita accused and crossed a long time ago.

The word “business” does not have a negative connotation per se. But in politics if it is mentioned, it refers to unholy arrangements.

The former deputy pointed directly at the president of the PRO in Deputies, Cristian Ritondo, and the former Minister of Justice of Vidal, Gustavo Ferraresi. She also addressed the former interior minister, Rogelio Frigerio, and the former head of the Chamber of Deputies, Emilio Monzó.

Carrió’s complaints caused a stir that stirred up the calm waters in an opposition that has not yet managed to organize itself, but that until today it was seen at some point favored by the situation.

Carrió caused a deafening noise within the main opposition coalition

Carrió: will they ask you to resign in Cambiemos?

There is a lot of anger in the PRO and in the UCR, they do not rule out asking for his resignation“, They say very close to the accused.

Lilita? Outside Cambiemos? She is more dangerous outside than inside“said another of the macrista dolphins…. “Ducky was wrong. Lilita can’t find out on TV that the agreement with Milei is moving forward.” The diminutive nickname referred to Patricia Bullrich. The president of the PRO had said a few hours before on a television program that she had been in Bahía Blanca, Tres Arroyos and Punta Alta together with the libertarians. And that with “them in the towns, we have a better offer that solves a lot of problems and does not divide”.

The detail was the photo of Javier Milei struck out while Lilita was speaking. Was it ready? Was the “girl” thing an underhanded announcement that the agreement with the economist was already closed? “It’s obvious, Lilita was furious with that,” they assured in a PRO office on the other side of General Paz.

From the offices of the former deputy, on the other hand, they insisted: “In no way, nor did she see the Lilita program. She answered a question about Massa; and she said the same thing she answers 4 years agoWhat’s more, he spoke with Macri on Monday night and anticipated what he was going to say.”

Elisa Carrió and Mauricio Macri spoke on Monday night, and some even now wonder if the former President’s silence is due to that.

He’s the only one his bullets didn’t hit. He took care of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta a little more, he said that he is only a “friend” of Massatrying to question him for that, although he clarified that “they have no business”.

Elisa Carrió and Mauricio Macri spoke on Monday night

Precisely from the head of the Buenos Aires Government, he received the first call, on Tuesday night. As soon as the TV program ended in which Lilita stopped being Lilita to become Carrió. In a brief telephone communication, both talked about what had just happened and the noise that Larreta told him, that it was going to generate.

After the explosion, both PRO and UCR leaders lined up to criticize it. They do not forgive her that a year after the elections she has made this noise that also leaves the ball in the goal for the Government.

Patricia Bullrich, the first to tell Carrió enough

In La Rosada they applauded. Lilita’s questions gave them oxygen in a month full of tensions which will become the highest inflation in the last 20 years. Carrió did them a great favor.

Last night, far from rectifying his statements, he ratified them at the Hannah Arendt Institute. And it was for more. She said she would rather die than keep the truth to herself. And she put on the table, the debate for her departure: “If they want me to go, I’ll go, but they can’t ask me to lie“.

What happens will probably be evaluated in the meeting that Mauricio Macri, Patricia Bullrich, María Eugenia Vidal, Diego Santilli, Federico Pinedo and Fernando de Andreis will hold in a restaurant in the City tomorrow, Friday. Although they are regular encounters, it is ruled out that the Lilita chapter will occupy a large part of the meeting. In any case, the opinion of the UCR is missing. Gerardo Morales, Facundo Manes, Alfredo Cornejo also expressed their fury last night.

That is why it is not unimaginable that they can ask him to leave. In any case, the vast majority of the coalition agrees that the only way to reach La Rosada is to show unity. Y the bomb that Lilita threw would have dynamited it. If they will have the opportunity to rebuild it or not we will know as the days go by.

Neither the officialdom nor the opposition can boast of not suffering internism, unity is a value that pays double today.



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