Constitución dramatically won Atlético Comercio on penalties

The Cup stayed in Maule Sur: Constitución dramatically won Atlético Comercio on penalties

It was a game that clearly responded to a great final. With an impressive number of fans who came to encourage their institutions. Of course, to be frank, the fans of the Maucho team were noted from start to finish. Something that caught the attention is that both bars were located in the same grandstand on different sides, but without any problem.
A game that was put on hold due to the amount of rain that fell in the prelude, but something curious, it seems that San Isidro likes amateur soccer, because he gave a little hand in the development of the commitment, not a single drop fell. Moreover, even in penalties. After the award ceremony, the rains began to fall again. At that point nobody cared about the rain, everything was “green” carnival in the Tucapel Bustamante Lastra.
On paper, the favorite to win the title was Atlético Comercio, a team that was superior in the first minutes and responding to their favorite card, is that before 2 minutes they took the lead with a score from Marcelo Celis, who caused joy among the partisans of the “reds” of the regional capital, in a tremendous play. The Constitución players felt the thrust and tried to react, creating some chances, but they were unable to finish. The first 45 minutes ends with the minimum Trade difference.
In the Constitution FC complement, he entered with a different attitude and as a wounded “lion” he left in demand of the goal. At 49 minutes, after a deep play for Jorge Fernández, who is knocked down near the point of the northern arc corner kick, the judge marked the foul that was executed by Gonzalo Rodríguez, a center that went to the area and appeared the lowest tall of Conti FC, Manuel Sepúlveda, to head the ball, decreeing equality for those from the Egaña neighborhood of Constitución.
Then, the clearest goal of the scorer Ignacio Oróstegui, who was left alone against the Constitución goalkeeper and could not finish, was the victory for Atlético Comercio. Missing two minutes for the end of the 90, Rodrigo Flores was expelled, in the Commerce box.
Then came the extension time of 15 minutes per side where there were no news and they had to define the champion of the honor category from the penalty spot.
The Constitution box made the change of goalkeeper, Juan Torres left, to enter Rodrigo Fuentes, who became the protagonist because he covered the fifth penalty.
Those who scored for Constitución FC were: Alex Barrios, Johan Cancino, Jhon Espinoza, Gerardo Soto, Cristian Rojas. And for Atlético Comercio: Benjamín Gutiérrez, Luis Rojas, Jesús Villalobos and Maxi González. The one who lost it was the player Javier Flores.
Without a doubt, these teams dignified amateur football. Constitution, worthy champion, the “maucho” team with 113 years of life and that once again achieved a title.
For the vice-champion, Atlético Comercio, a cup plus 500 thousand pesos and for the champion Constitución FC, a tremendous cup and a million pesos. They obtained a ticket for the Interregional to be held in the district of Río Bueno.
Some images of the final, with the two teams that did not give up in the very final of the amateur football Copa Regional Serie de Honor.
For the statistics: an audience of 1005 spectators was controlled with a collection of more than 2 million pesos.

Gerardo Dominguez
Sports Writer



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