Colombia National Team today: archers preparation microcycle in Bogotá | Colombia selection

The Colombian Men’s National Team has already started engines, officially, under the orders of Néstor Lorenzo and his coaching staff. The strategist and his collaborators prepare the list of summoned, for the duels that will be played in September.

Under the command of the goalkeeper coach, Alejandro Otamendi, the first microcycle was developed, with the goalkeepers of the BetPlay League, which includes Álvaro Montero from Millonarios, Kevin Mier from Atlético Nacional, William Cuesta from Tolima and Juan David Valencia from Águilas. Golden.

Attention to the press, with the four players and to the court. All the work in the field was under the command of Otamendi, the person in charge of creating and setting up the training circuits, where the four goalkeepers came in to analyze the possibilities and work options.

Within what was allowed for the press, which was a space close to 20 minutes, the four goalkeepers carried out reaction work, action on the pitch and simulation of game situations, which may arise during the official competition.

The emphasis on the work with the feet was striking, from the control of an aerial ball, creeping, to the pass to the teammate. In addition, one of the coaching staff assistants, Fernando Alloco, was in charge of the session where the goalkeepers were linked to the passing game.

The Argentine made a warning to the players in this item, because for them, it will be essential that the goalkeepers are part of the game circuit, for this, the task was control and passing, reaction and mobility in the reduced space, between the four goalkeepers .

This is the first sample of what they want to achieve in the work done with the goalkeepers. Now, we will have to wait to see the complete call, facing the friendlies against Guatemala and Mexico, which will take place in the United States.


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