Classic sneakers from 1989 that today will make you a complete king of style

The eighties bequeathed us a large collection of classic tennis that became, over time, quintessential objects and designs in the world of fashion. Of that which makes us feel powerful on any given day, wearing whatever and going anywhere possible on our itinerary. But not only that. He did not also give a long file of silhouettes that technologically innovated in the traditional bodies of the tennis —on and off the courts—, and that to date continue to be benchmarks of power, energy and performance.

Specifically, today we want to talk to you about the sneakers that saw the light for the first time in 1989. A year that said goodbye to the most incredible decade that existed for the revolution of the streetstyle in the whole world and that, with crazy longing, began to imagine another reality with the arrival of what would be the last great period before entering a new millennium. The future reached us back then and not even the sky was a valid limit for our imagination. Proof of this, the kicks that we are going to present to you next and that were the materialization of amazing dreams in the world of urban culture. The pillar of what we understand today as a good tennis and that, in fact, if you get them and wear them today they will make you look like the coolest guy – and connoisseur – around.

Reebok The Pump

Reebok The Pump


A jewel that we have already told you about and that has had several —and iconic— versions throughout history. A sneaker with a rough and muscular appearance, but that shows its views to the future and that demonstrated how to make the innovation in materials and structures of a tennis shoe into something extremely cool, Today, its vintage spirit will not make you go unnoticed, especially if you are a millennial to the hunt for the best kicks all over the world.

Nike Air Flow



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