Chivas Femenil is heading for the bi-championship

Women’s Chivas continues with a perfect and dominant step through the Opening 2022. On the sixth day he received Toluca and got his sixth consecutive win with a score of 2-0, with goals from Caroline Jaramillo y adriana iturbide.

The current champions of the Women’s BBVA MX League They came out to dominate the match from the first minute; in minute six, the Hell they committed an infraction inside the area that was decreed as a maximum penalty.

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Summary: Mazatlan FC 2-1 Chivas | Day 7 | BBVA MX League

Chivas Women’s triumph over Toluca

Jaramillowho served as captain of the Herdwas in charge of collecting from the eleven paces and with a well-placed shot to the left corner she inaugurated the arc of Sandra Lozano and scored his second goal of the campaign.

The squad of the ‘PatoAlfaro maintained dominance of the match. The rojiblancas had multiple goal arrivals that were stopped, both by the defense and by Lozano, who was vital in avoiding a higher advantage over his team. They went to the locker room with the slightest advantage to Chivas.

The hosts went into the second half with renewed momentum, which bore fruit in the 49th minute, when ‘Rich‘ received a cross inside the box that he headed in and sealed the score for his team. This was his second goal as a rojiblanca.

Since then, Toluca increased the pressure on the rival defense, which led to multiple bookings. Despite this and their brave attempts to level the playing field, they failed to score.

In 1974, the attempts and the pressure collapsed on those led by Gabriel Velascoas Zulma Hernandez he received his second yellow card of the match and was sent off. From that minute until the final whistle, three more cautions were given.

With only one minute left in the game, the Hell they had their last and clearest chance coming from a corner kick, but Félix he stopped the ball and secured the zero in his goal. With this, Chivas remains the leader with 18 points out of 18 possible and with only one goal against.

On the next date Toluca will receive Blue Cross, which comes from two consecutive losses; while Women’s Chivas will play the Classic Tapatio ante Atlas on the road, the Red and Black are the only other team that has not been defeated in the tournament.

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