Child chewed a finger when trying to sneak into the Metropolitan Stadium

What seemed to be a fun game and a little joke between several children who were sharing in the vicinity of the Metropolitan Stadium ended in a worse accident than it was. The minors tried to climb over a fence to get on stage and watch the game of Junior against Once Caldas; however, one of them lost the ring finger of his right hand.

According to José Estrada, head of risk management at the Atlantic Red Cross, a ring that the child was wearing got caught in one of the mesh holes of protection that surrounds the Metropolitan stadium. The minor, by forcing the object with the mesh, suffered serious injuries and ended up losing his finger.

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In fact, everything got worse when the minor tried to escape upon receiving the wake-up call from logistics personnel who tried to prevent their entry: “The boy tried to fly through that mesh, but the ring got stuck there, so when he lost his balance and fell, he severed his finger,” Estrada explained.

In fact, this weekend there were several complaints from the Junior fans who attended the stadium, because the company in charge of the tickets had some logistical problems for their distribution, which caused several young people and minors to try to sneak in on game day.

As for sports, Junior from Barranquilla received Once Caldas in the Metropolitan for the sixth day of the BetPlay League 2022-II and the ‘shark’ cast failed to bring joy to the fans that filled the Barranquilleros’ stadium, as they ended up losing 2-1 at home just on their birthday.



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