‘Cheater’ Sow leaves De Graafschap in despair and chooses Eagles


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Footballer Sylla Sow has certainly not made any friends in Doetinchem. De Graafschap had long assumed that it would attract the attacker and even paid for his plane ticket to the Netherlands. At the last minute, however, Sow opted for Go Ahead Eagles and not for De Graafschap.

“We have to let this sink in for a while,” De Graafschap’s general director Hans Martijn Ostendorp told Omroep Gelderland. “We paid for his flight from England to the Netherlands and this morning he would be medically examined in Zeist at 09:00. A car was waiting for him, arranged by us and he even notified me last night that he had landed.” He would also have said that he is happy with the switch.

Later, Sow contacted Ostendorp again. “He found it all very annoying, but he reported that he had chosen Go Ahead after all. He does not keep his agreements, I also told him that. This is of course outrageous. He lied and cheated.”

In Deventer, the 26-year-old from Nijmegen has signed a contract for two years. Sow comes over from Sheffield Wednesday. Before that he played for FC Utrecht and RKC Waalwijk.

The transfer soap has ensured that Sow and his agent have broken off the collaboration. De Graafschap, which has been working on the transfer since June 28, says he has “a signature” from Sow’s former agent. It is unclear what kind of document it is under.

The club will investigate whether it will take legal action. Ostendorp: “My estimation is that it will be difficult, but this will have a sequel. We all have to let it sink in for a while. This is indeed a soap.”

It is not the first time that Sow has been discredited during a transfer. At RKC he did not show up for a training session, because he wanted to force a departure from Waalwijk.



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