Champions Trophy: “So much satisfaction”, despite the defeat, optimism is in order for PSG

Obviously, it is difficult to settle for a defeat when you wear the Paris Saint-Germain tunic. But for the new coach Gérard Prêcheur “there are so many satisfactions” that the disappointment is minimal. PSG lacked efficiency, of course, but showed a good collective face, dominating the European champion at times.

The coach does not hide it despite everything, “the objective was not to win”. Arrived smiling in the post-match conference, Gérard Prêcheur noted a lot of progress in the performance of his players. “Both individually and collectively, we put in a very good performance this evening (Sunday)”, he rejoices. Despite the bitterness about the result, the neo-captain Paulina Dudek knows that this PSG defended itself well: “Nobody likes to lose so today it’s hard. But everyone can see that we played well, we can be proud of ourselves. We have shown that we can make big matches. »

PSG was able to create “a lot of opportunities”. In the end, he will not have missed “not much”, the last gesture certainly. Paris will however have to find solutions and deal with the “prejudicial” absence of Marie-Antoinette Katoto until the spring. Lieke Martens, meanwhile, will reunite with the group on Tuesday.

This PSG, despite a very young bench and retraining in the midfield, “posed problems” for an OL that was much more physically and tactically ready. Sonia Bompastor knows it: “Paris will be present this season. They have kept strong individualities and have a coach who will allow them to work well collectively. »

“Continue, improve, add a few small details”, the Parisian central defender, armband on her arm at a time when Grace Geyoro is disturbed by “the advances of a big English club”, is optimistic. The season has only just begun, the internationals returned only 2 weeks ago, and the new-look PSG must succeed in creating a new dynamic. No panic internally, Sunday’s performance even reassured. But the truth of a match is not that of a season. Gérard Prêcheur is not fooled, “to make a full season and continue, it is imperative to strengthen the workforce. »



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