Celebrating the “National Fitness Day” This time, the “tall” Xi’an Olympic Sports Center is very grounded

Celebrating the “National Fitness Day” This time, the “tall” Xi’an Olympic Sports Center is very grounded

2022-08-08 20:48:38Source: Xi’an News Network

August 8, 2022 is the 14th “National Fitness Day” in my country. Xi’an Olympic Sports Center also ushered in the first “National Fitness Day” after the 14th National Games. In addition to the preferential benefits of ”, friends who like to play basketball, badminton and football can also exercise at different time periods or free admission, or enjoy half-price discounts.

“Today is ‘National Fitness Day’. I heard that the badminton hall of Xi’an Olympic Sports Center will be open for free before 6 pm. I will meet with golfers to experience what it is like to play in the Olympic Sports Center!”60 The age-old Wang Kun started playing badminton seven years ago, in order to use the “exercise prescription” to fight against the “three highs”. I have played in many of our arenas in Xi’an for a few years. Today, I came to the Olympic Sports Center for the first time. From the moment I stepped into the arena, I felt attentive service. In addition to making reservations, registration, renting lockers, etc. In addition to the simple and efficient process, the venue service staff here will warmly guide us golfers who come to play here for the first time. I take the elevator, walk into the arena, and find the venue we reserved. This kind of service is really thoughtful. !”

Located on the second floor of the training hall in the swimming and diving hall, the badminton hall of Xi’an Olympic Sports Center consists of 25 badminton courts. On the “National Fitness Day”, it attracted many fans like Wang Kun to come and enjoy “no knee injury” for free. Wooden floors and warm service.

The swimming pool is also the most popular venue since the gymnasium of the Olympic Sports Center was opened to the public. Especially in this hot summer and hot August, there is an endless stream of citizens of the ancient city who come to the swimming pool every day to cool off from the heat. Sun Shuyi, a 6-year-old girl who came to the Olympic Sports Center to take part in swimming training during the summer vacation, continued to train at the swimming pool accompanied by her mother as usual on August 8. “I like swimming very much, and this swimming pool very much. Now, I have learned breaststroke, and I want to be a swimming champion in the future!”

In addition to the badminton hall and swimming pool, the football field and basketball hall of the Olympic Sports Center also opened their arms on the “National Fitness Day” to welcome visitors from all over the world. Jiang Haoran, a freshman who made a special trip from the city to play basketball here by subway, happily Said: “The venue and service here are very good, I feel like playing basketball here, my shots are more accurate than usual!”

At 7 o’clock in the afternoon, fitness enthusiasts who had a busy day put on sports clothes, sports shoes, or took swimming rings and swimming goggles in their hands and gathered from different directions of the ancient city to the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center. This year’s “National Fitness Day” is not a weekend, but the Xi’an Olympic Sports Center is like a mirror, which still “reflects” the infinite enthusiasm and sincere heart of the people of the ancient city who love sports and life.

Text/Jin Pengtu, All Media Reporter of Xi’an Press/Reporter Xie Wei



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