Cassidy on Bergeron and Krejci: My firing had nothing to do with their decision

Over the summer, there was a changing of the guard in Boston as well at the head coaching position. Bruce Cassidy was replaced by Jim Montgomery. The former Bruins coach revealed that he thinks his firing didn’t help Bergeron and Krejci decide to sign new contracts. What else did he say about experienced attackers?

Bruce Cassidy has been with the Boston organization since 2008, when he began leading the farm team in Providence. After seven seasons, he was called up to the main staff to take on the role of assistant.

In February 2017, the Bruins fired Claude Julien and named Cassidy as interim head coach. However, the Ottawa native confirmed his coaching qualities and spent the next five years on the Boston bench. Boston never missed the playoffs under his baton, once fought in the Stanley Cup finals, but in 2019, St. Louis Blues.

The parachute from Boston came a bit like a bolt from the blue. However, Cassidy doesn’t think Bergeron’s return with Krejci had anything to do with him leaving the team.

“We spoke with Bergy at the end of the season. He told me he needed some time to think. I don’t think my dismissal had anything to do with his decision,” said the experienced coach.

Bergeron had a very decent season last year, capped off by winning his fifth career Selke Trophy. The 37-year-old heartthrob scored 25 goals and added 40 assists in 73 games. However, after a successful year, it was not clear whether we would see him again in the NHL, he took time to think. He eventually signed a one-year contract worth $2.5 million.

“Krejčí told us that his parents were slowly getting old, moreover, he wanted his children to know their grandparents. With all the hype surrounding the coronavirus, it was a big challenge. He himself did not know how long he would be in the Czech Republic. At the same time, however, he admitted that if he returns one day, he does not want to wear a different jersey,” Cassidy commented on the situation regarding Krejčí. “We never had disagreements with Krejčí. He just sometimes wanted to play with Pastrňák more than he did. Who wouldn’t want that too, right? I hope he gets a chance this year.”

Krejčí is returning overseas after a one-year engagement in Olomouc, where he was the club’s productivity leader. He signed a one-year contract with Boston that will earn him a million dollars, and he could get two more thanks to bonuses.

Cassidy had excellent results in Boston. In six years, he coached 399 games of the regular season, and in 245 cases the Bruins took two points for a victory. Now comes a new chapter in Vegas.

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