Canoeing World Cup | Carlos Arévalo doubles with gold in K1 200 meters

Carlos Arévalo, last week, during one of his last training sessions at the Trasona reservoir.

Two of two. Carlos Arevalo He was proclaimed world champion by winning the final of the K1 200 meters, which adds to the title won yesterday in the K4 500 with his teammates Saúl Craviotto, Marcus Cooper Walz and Rodrigo Germade. The man from Coruña completes his participation in the World Canoeing Championship, which is taking place in Halifax (Canada), with a full gold medal, which adds to the two international silver medals that he already had in his record, that of the 2019 World Cup and that of the Tokyo Olympics, both in the K4 500.

The paddler from Betanzos was the one who best dealt with the strong headwind that blew the competitors head-on. From the first stroke he imposed his power and strength to place himself in first position, which he did not let go of in the 200 meters. He prevailed with a time of 36.43 seconds ahead of the Swede Petter Menning (36.71) and from the Hungarian Kolos Cizmadia (36.82). “You cannot aspire to more,” he declared on television as soon as he got out of the canoe. His name already sounds strong as one of the great figures of today’s world canoeing.



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