Campazzo’s show in Argentina’s triumph: pass from the pipe and a play that set the entire stadium on fire

The Cordovan provided a great repertoire of luxuries in the victory against the Caribbean team that left him one step away from the World Cup

The Argentine basketball team He achieved a victory that allows him to direct the classification to the World Cup next year. After the loss against Canada, he returned to play at home, this time in Mar del Plata, and beat Bahamas by a resounding 95-77. The best of the night was Gabriel Deckscorer with 37 points -his maximum with the Argentine shirt-, but the one that caused everyone to sigh in the multi-sport de la Feliz was someone who knew how to shine in that stadium: Facundo Campazzo.

Argentina’s number 7 finished with 17 points and 10 assists, but left pearls throughout the evening. She went all out with an open pass so Charles Delphine, on the day of his 40th birthday, score the first three points of the selected one with a triple. Then, in a play of pick and roll, enabled Marcos Delía with a pass between his legs for the giant to add a dunk in the Mar del Plata night.

Already in the second quarter of the game, Campazzo showed all his repertoire with a spike assist for Deck and a belt for Brussino to convert a triple on the run. Another of the outstanding actions in the quarter was a slap pass for Vildoza to add another three points from the corner.

Campazzo was again a figure with the Argentine team (FIBA)

After a first half in which the team leading the Che Garcia went down by one point (43-44), in the second half there was a much more offensive facet of Do with. He owned the team and led it to a significant home win. He started with a triple and, when Argentina was resurgent, stole the ball from Clarke and defined with a layup after Buddy Hield’s foulthe Bahamian who plays for the Indiana Pacers of the NBA.

With a difference of 10 on the scoreboard for the Argentine team (66-56) with just over a minute to go in the third quarter, the Campazzo version appeared in the NBA that generated the chant of everyone in the Poli from Mar del Plata. With the ball in his hands, he headed for the rim and made a feint that snubbed Jones, spun to his right and sent the ball flying, which touched the rim and ended in one more double for his personal account.

Already at the beginning of the last quarter, with Argentina in control of the game (73-59), he scored a kilometric triple on the buzzer to stretch the difference and almost sentence the duel in favor of the locals. Another three front-to-the-rim points and an assist for Deck in the final seconds were the end of the show of a Campazzo who returned to play in what was his home during his years in the National Basketball League.

The base added 17 points and 10 assists (FIBA)
The base added 17 points and 10 assists (FIBA)

“Today we were very supportive to play. We wanted to win by a little more, but we played very well at times, although we gave away a fourth. We functioned and were solid defensively. Personally, I had to spread it there. We leave Hield at 10 points. We had to take advantage of winning with our people, which gave us extra motivation”, said Facundo after Campazzo’s victory.

It was a great match for Che’s men, who they are 6-2 to move into third place in Group E, just behind Canada (8-0) and Venezuela (7-1). Now, it will be time to play the Americup in Brazil, and then return to play a new qualifying window in November against the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, as a visitor. On that occasion it will be necessary to see if Campazzo will be part of the Argentine team or if he will have been able to stay in the NBA.


Led by Gabriel Deck and Facundo Campazzo, Argentina beat the Bahamas 95-77 and approaches the World Cup


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