Burn Mouth! Schiavi’s HARD criticism of Ibarra

El Flaco analyzed Ibarra’s present as Boca’s coach and was forceful with his opinion.

the draw of Boca compared to Racing left an important confrontation between Darius Benedetto y Carlos Zambrano in the dressing room. after meeting the sanctions for both, in Xeneize there is no peace and criticism is raining: on this occasion, Rolando Slaves it was hard with Hugo Ibarramanager of the first team.

What Schiavi said about Ibarra as coach of Boca

He spent four years accompanying me in the Reserve, he was second assistant, because he didn’t want to be first. He told me as soon as he arrived and that’s why I chose Bracamonte first. He preferred to see things from another side” began the Thin at ESPN, where he works as a panelist.

Rolando Schiavi

You have to prepare to be a technician BocaI don’t know if it is. I don’t know if he’s qualified to do it. Perhaps those who put it saw a potential. As far as I was with him… he never wanted to be a manager, he didn’t want to be a manager when he was in the Reserves. That’s why I’m surprised that he’s a coach.”added the former central defender.

“In these two years that he was there now he changed his mind, but I always say that you have to prepare. When it was my turn to start, it happened to me, that I had done the course, but you start looking for other things. He didn’t want to direct.”


“70% of the boys who came out as champions of the Reserve had been training with me for four years“, he sentenced on the title that commanded the Negro in the category. And he made a difference Sebastian Battaglia: “IT ISHe had already been Almagro’s manager and Falcioni’s assistant at Banfield. He had another tour. He did want to be a coach.”

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