Bringing the values ​​of judo to classrooms around the world with Minecraft: Education Edition /

Building a better world through the power of virtual gaming. Starting today, the International Judo Federation (IJF) is entering Minecraft: Education Edition, with its own educational experience called “The Budokan Mystery”. Teachers, educators and students around the world, who have access to this educational platform, will be able to download this map for free and use it in their classroom as a social-emotional learning tool. The IJF is the first sports federation in history to work with this platform.

Judo values
Judo is more than just a sport. Judo consists of eight core values; values ​​that are more important than ever in today’s society, such as friendship, respect and politeness.

With the release of the educational version of “The Mystery of Budokan”, the IJF offers a powerful socio-emotional learning tool for students and teachers around the world, introducing them to the values ​​of judo in a unique way. and significant. . The IJF has created a huge Minecraft world with eight different quests. Each of these quests is linked to one of the values ​​of judo.

Innovation in times of pandemic
During the pandemic, physical judo classes were not allowed. That’s when the idea was born, to teach new generations the values ​​of judo online, through Minecraft: Education Edition.

Minecraft: Education Edition is an immersive game-based learning platform for use in schools, homes, organizations, camps, and sports clubs. Educators from over 150 countries can use this educational platform throughout the program.

The IJF launched the first phase of this campaign at the start of the Olympic Games on July 22. It was an online experience where Minecraft players around the world could participate and learn about judo. Thousands of players from more than forty different countries participated in this first phase.

For now, the education experience will only be available to teachers, educators, and students who have access to the Minecraft: Education Edition platform. The experience will be available for free on the Minecraft Marketplace for all Minecraft players in late September.

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