Bright Maddaloni is seventh in the -81 kg, no medals for Italy on day-3 – OA Sport

After collecting the beauty of four podiums (all female) in the first two days of competition, Unfortunately for Italy, day 3 of the Junior Judo World Championships 2022 ends without medals underway in Guayaquil (Ecuador). Today three blue judokas were involved in the men’s categories, while there were no Italian athletes in the -70 kg.

The best result today was obtained by Bright Maddaloniseeded n.1 of seeding in -81 kg, forced to settle for a decent seventh place after losing the final for the bronze in the last edition of the Under 21 world championship which took place last year in Olbia.

The nineteen year old Neapolitan had been unlucky in the draw, catching the Japanese favorite Daisuke Takeichi on his debut immediately but managing to get the better of the Golden Score for hansoku make (triple shido). Unfortunately, the product of the Star Judo Club stopped in the quarters in the presence of the Moldovan Mihail Latisev (waza-ari), leaving the scene then definitively to recover against the Kazakh Meiirlan Maxim (disqualification for head dive).

Judo, two more medals for Italy at the 2022 Junior World Championships! Double bronze with Veronica Toniolo and Agnese Zucco

Out of the games even before the round of 16 instead our two standard bearers in the -90 kg: Gabriele Sammartino won on his debut with the Ecuadorian Steven Colorado and then lost to give way to the Brazilian Guilherme Morais, while Tommaso Fava he was defeated by the Georgian Tornike Poladishvili. Tomorrow we return to the tatami in Guayaquil for the last day of individual competitions, in which the Bel Paese will be able to play something important especially in the women’s heavyweights with Asya Tavano and Erica Simonetti.

Below is the summary of the podiums of the third day of the 2022 Junior World Championships in judo:

-70 kg F
1 Tsunoda Roustant (Esp)
2 Ogel (Tur)
3 Gomez Feria (Cub) and Bock (Ger)

-81 kg M
1 Latisev (Mda)
2 Aregba (Off)
3 Hajiyev (Aze) and Kopecky (Cze)

-90 kg M
1 Mamatrakhimov (Uzb)
2 Safrany (Hun)
3 Cret (Rou) and Mitrovic (Woman)

Photo: IJF



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