[Breaking News]Nogizaka46 Sayaka Kakehashi fell during a live performance at Meiji Jingu Baseball Stadium and was carried on a stretcher by an ambulance.

[Breaking news]Nogizaka46 Sayaka Kakehashi fell during the Meiji Jingu baseball stadium live, and the commotion of being carried on a stretcher by the ambulance crew Local image summary

Sayaka Kakehashi fell from this height during the encore performance. Stretchers and firefighters are all out, and it seems that the injuries are not mild. Even though it is 2-3m high, there is no mat under it or a fence to prevent it from falling. What are you doing? I wonder if I won’t use it on the bench from tomorrow

2022.08.29 20:54:35

This is the super smile charge of Sayaka Kakehashi, the world’s super idol! ️

2022.08.29 20:44:41

Regarding the Kakehashi, it may be difficult to understand, but it fell from the bench to just below the cameraman’s seat, so I think it’s about 2.3m.
I said it from the face, so I feel like it’s pretty dangerous.
#nogizaka46 #hangqiaosayexiang

2022.08.29 21:05:09

Worry! I pray for Sayaka Kakehashi’s safety

2022.08.29 21:43:45

The same size chair as the chair in Noginaka Studio is this size
Considering that it looks like this size for the width, you can see that it fell from a considerable height

2022.08.29 21:49:56

Sayaka Kakehashi was really surprised when she fell.
I was waving my hand in front of me, but suddenly I fell like I was falling.
I think it’s about 2m tall…
For about 15 minutes, the staff, medical personnel, and paramedics gathered and I was carried on a stretcher wrapped in towels, and I almost cried.
I hope you are safe.

2022.08.29 21:53:29

Sayaka Kakehashi, are you okay?
You definitely got hurt 😭

2022.08.29 21:10:42

Sayaka Kakehashi “Saku”
I’m “Shamble!”
I’m “Uh” (All people become bones)

2022.08.29 21:10:19

I’m free

I’m waiting for L1 from the mouth

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2022.08.29 21:10:00

In front of Mr. Kakehashi, I fell from the roof of the bench…
It’s probably 3-4 meters tall, but is that okay?

2022.08.29 20:54:51

Kakehashi fall, what’s going on with safety management?
Dugout is no longer in use.

2022.08.29 20:57:47

I saw the moment when Sayaka Kakehashi fell in front of me from the dugout on the 1st base side during the encore…

I was taken to the ambulance in a tanka, but…

2022.08.29 20:48:39

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