Bolo: “We are going to Santander with clear ideas”

Jon Pérez Bolo attended the media this morning before the last training session of the week at El Requexón. The coach confirmed that he has Calvo, Rama, Lucas and Borja Sánchez, who had had problems, on the list for Santander.

Low part.

“We are slowly evolving. We have a few casualties, it’s what we have to live with right now. We will go to win, anyway”.

“I would like to have everyone available, we are having mishaps that are not normal but we are working to find solutions. There are injuries that sometimes you don’t know what happens and others due to the effects of the game, such as blows. There is no concern but we must look for solutions and think about why these injuries happen”.


“He can adapt to various positions, he can play as a ‘6’, ‘8’, ’10’… He has quality, a good shot, youth and a desire to grow. We hope that this desire that it brings will continue forward and start helping us from the first day. He’s physically fine and he’ll be in the squad, we’ll see if he plays a few minutes”.


“A match like all Second Division games, complicated, all their rivals have their virtues. If you don’t do things right you won’t have many options. Racing has not started as well as it would have liked. The newly promoted are the most dangerous, they haven’t had any luck but it will be hard in a beautiful setting, with a pressing crowd and ours accompanying us on the first trip. We feel supported by them.”

“Their coach will be trying to keep a cool head, it’s only two games. It will be difficult because they need to score and get good feelings. They will have worked hard. We’re going to Santander with clear ideas, but it’s football, you can’t always develop what you’ve worked for”.

The eleven.

“We have it decided. We know what game we have to do. Koba and Enrich are added to the list and Borja has better feelings”.

The improvement against Leganés.

“The first half against Andorra was not good, we had a good rival up against us. We did not leave convinced of what we were going to do. The second part was better. The other day it was essential not to let Leganés play their game. Confidence in football is fundamental. The team has taken a step forward.”

The style.

“We are not closed to systems or to a way of playing, we are prepared for everything. There will be rivals that are superior and that you have to be in a low block, know how to suffer and close us well. Steal and go running. There will be other games in which we will dominate more. Throughout a season, the team will play in different ways and the players have to understand that”.

More transfers?

“I am delighted with the squad, with everyone’s willingness to work. But this is football and we are prepared for everything. If the sports management thinks that a player can arrive, the club will surely make the effort to bring him. We have to be calm, live in the present and play a good game in Santander. And with the points, to build winning that is simpler.

Henry’s return.

“There are options, 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, we don’t look at just one game system. Every weekend we will try to get it right so that it brings us closer to winning the game. Sergi has options to be a starter but we won’t give any more clues to the rival”.



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