BetPlay League Millionaires: Enrique Camacho on the possibility of leaving Llinás, Ruiz and Vargas | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Millonarios has had a good start to the League, despite the first commitments where it was difficult for him to add. Despite the inconveniences, they are leaders of the BetPlay League, waiting to continue adding and reach, ahead of time, the classification for the home runs at the end of the year.

In recent times, it has been one of the teams that has stood out, due to its style of play, which has allowed it to be in privileged places in Colombia, despite not winning titles in just over four years.

The president of the club, Enrique Camacho, spoke with El Alargue, from Caracol Radio, about the present of the team, the options to sell some fundamental players, taking into account their market value. In addition, the process of Alberto Gamero, which they point to in the long term.

Millionaires, among the most valuable payrolls in the country: we did not have it in our accounts, that depends on the evolution of the equipment in the market. It is good that Millonarios has those market profiles. The payroll that is estimated in the market, which could have a greater transaction. For me, the most valuable payroll is that of Millionaires, not only because of the economic value, but also because of their personal value, the ability to play as a team.

Possibilities and objectives of the team in the second semester: the objective will always be to be champion, it is what we have been working intensely with the process that we have with Gamero. It is a stable game model, which does not change from season to season, regardless of the change of players.

We are satisfied with the fulfillment of the objectives. The results have shown us that integrating experienced and youth players has left interesting results. Millionaires proposes and is willing to put on a good show. In this League, we are achieving that, we are working hard to maintain those places of privilege.

Good positioning of players from the academy, among the most valuable: there are two players trained by the club, in the expectation of transferability to the international market. As in the case of Ruiz, he arrived and has progressed, with the profile of an international player. Like Llinás, who is the oldest in the club, he has been there since he was 10 years old.

Continuity of Vargas, Ruiz and Llinás: there are no offers for them, surely the agents will be in it and there will be interest. The case of Vargas, of the national team and Llinás, one of the best central defenders that Colombian football has left. The arrival of offers is a decision that must be analyzed by the player and the club. The footballer can have the options to grow and as a team, we are not opposed to that.

In the Colombian soccer business, he is an important part of the teams. If there is an attractive offer that benefits both parties, I think any team would proceed. For now, it is not an immediate prospect, there is no advanced negotiation. If it happens, that is planned with Gamero, he wanted to have options to fill those positions, without sacrificing performance. There are important players who are capable of supplying and looking for the title.

Team play and complications in finals: it is an issue that is sought to be mitigated. Regardless of whether a team is the best, it must submit to a final, where the eighth can be champion, due to current circumstances. We reached a final, we lost it and because of football things we lost it. In finals we have had interesting duels, but we cannot complain about the performance. In football, you always want to be a champion, there are circumstances that prevent that.

Alberto Gamero’s continuity: we have the vision of a game model that lasts, a technical direction that progresses, correcting its mistakes. They are slow, constant processes and in which you have to work. We want its dimension to be long-term, looking forward, looking at the stability of the group. You have to look for the titles, which is the main objective.

Version of the Blue Commandos so that the North Tribune is enabled for them: we are analyzing it, I will meet with the Undersecretary of Government, to look at the implications. Anything for the show, we’re willing to work on it. Keep the enthusiasm of the fans, safety in the show.



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