BetPlay League 2022-II the good, the bad and the ugly of the ninth day of the championship | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The BetPlay League is about to reach the half of all against all, with several clubs shaping up to be part of the select group of eight classified, others, fighting for that income until the last days and some, already thinking about what will be the 2023, because the accounts do not favor them, despite having chances and football is not enough.

Even with pending matches, of the duels postponed in the first dates, the clubs hope to catch up on the following dates, where adding points will be vital, not only to catch up with the calendar, but to know how much they have and what it is necessary, to be candidates to reach the semifinal home runs.

This is the balance of the ninth date of the BetPlay League

The good

Millonarios continues to lead and showing good football: the ambassadors achieved victory against Cortuluá. Goleada visit and with variants on the field. Gamero’s men were forceful, with good virtues in the attack zone. 21 units in nine days allows them to begin to clarify the passage to the semifinals, to rotate and give rest to the starters.

Santa Fe, in the midst of doubts, at the top of the League: the goal of the cardinals, in the final minutes, allowed them to reach 15 units, ending the day in third place, after Union Magdalena tied. It is a team that is still under construction, but with the conviction in the work of Alfredo Arias.

Junior and Nacional, in the midst of the irregularity, remain in the fight: The start of both teams in the League has not been the best. The technicians have been strongly criticized for the decisions and the style of play shown on the pitch.

However, victories against Tolima and Bucaramanga, respectively, calmed things down a bit. The classic date will be crucial to stand out or the opposite, continue in the eyes of the fans, who are not happy with the performance shown. Reward irregularity or not, they are clubs that are obliged, by their payroll, to always be in places of privilege.

The bad

Tolima, a process that reached a sports pothole: Hernán Torres’ team is not given things this semester. Despite having a squad full of alternatives, with versatile game options and flashy games, mistakes persist and cost vital points. Against Junior he started winning and generated clear chances.

Square 17 with just seven units in the nine games played. The alarms go off and there is talk of complications on the campus, since they have only achieved one victory in the entire contest.

Medellín, without response with David González: DIM’s painful defeat against Águilas, who got into the fight for the eight classifieds. The powerful team does not enjoy its best football, despite having good alternatives to have a showy game and full of talent in the midfield.

the ugly

Deportivo Cali, in the background and without winning: the sugar producers have not won a single commitment so far this semester. Since the arrival of Mayer Candelo, luck has not been on his side, as the three points slipped away again in the final minutes. The draw against Unión Magdalena left a disappointment, especially due to the context of the duel.

The expulsion of Teófilo Gutiérrez has a separate chapter, the captain left the team with 10 players in the first half, changing the panorama. It will be a sensitive drop for the classic against America at the Pascual Guerrero.



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