Benedetto-Zambrano effect? Two Central Córdoba players fought on the playing field and their teammates had to separate them

He insulted González Metilli to Linares

The first half had ended and the players from Central Cordoba they prepared to go to the locker room with the satisfaction of winning 1-0 against Colón in Santiago del Estero, I find that then ended in a 3-0 win. Everything was joy at the Madre de Ciudades Stadium, but the panorama changed unexpectedly when there was a moment of tension between two Ferroviario footballers, who had a strong question before going to rest.

The Railway He had finished a good job and justly beat the sabalero with a goal from Claudio Riano after a half turn and a right shot from outside the area that made the goalkeeper’s flight sterile Ignacio Chicco. But the calm and satisfaction of being ahead on the scoreboard turned into chaos that lasted a few seconds.

The referee Leandro Rey Hilfer blew the whistle at the end of the initial 45 minutes and the broadcast camera pointed at the local players who received the applause of their audience for the partial victory, but the tension came when he was seen Francisco Gonzalez Metilli recriminate something to Nicholas Linareswho did not want to answer him and his partner insulted him: “What, are you leaving me, asshole? You piece of asshole!”

The best alternatives of the Ferroviario’s win against Sabalero

His teammates immediately approached to reassure González Metilli, who was the angrier of the two, and Linares turned around and headed towards the locker room. In the complement both went out to the field of play and no other cross between the two was seen.

This situation occurred 48 hours after the episode that involved two Boca Juniors players, Darío Benedetto and Carlos Zambrano, who fought on the way to the locker room during halftime of the match that they played against Racing on Sunday at the Cilindro de Avellaneda. This Tuesday the club Xeneize reported the suspension of two games for both.

It is possible that in the locker room the coach Abel Balbo I’ve talked to both of them and that’s why things have calmed down. Although that complicated framework was left behind with the two goals in the second half that they converted Alexander Martinez (penalty) and Hernan Lopez, who hit a left footed shot from outside the area and decorated the result. It was a great goal by the great-nephew of Diego Armando Maradona.

The celebration of the Central Córdoba players, who achieved their third victory under the orders of Abel Balbo (Télam)

Central Córdoba was superior to Colón and took advantage of their moments. After the first goal he finished settling down, although he knew how not to give space to the sabalero, that has players with good feet like Facundo Farias and the always fearsome in the lead, Ramon Wanchope Abilawho shot the stick.

It was the third win for the team led by Balbo, whose right-hand man in his coaching staff is Julius Lamasthe renowned basketball coach, with a successful career in various teams and who also led the Argentine team between 2011 and 2014, and under his command the national team was champion at the 2011 FIBA ​​Americas Championship played in Mar del Plata.

The victory was key for the Railway in its fight to avoid relegation and in the table of averages it is ranked 25th among 28 teams. The Santiago team returned to the First Division in 2019 after 48 years. It should be remembered that the last two on the list will lose the category.


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