Because it’s okay to let yourself go on vacation

The holiday is in full swing. Behavior scientist Johnny Boivinga enjoys fresh pasta and a glass of wine under the Italian sun, while health journalist Teigen in England enjoys scones and cakes. In a good mood, they brought sportswear with them, but their running shoes hadn’t left the bag yet.

How bad does it hurt to let go of the reins during the holidays? “Not exercising for a week or two is not a disaster at all,” says sports coach and psychologist Buivenga. “I’ll do it myself.” Many people immediately think that they are doing nothing while they are resting, and the truth is that many people train more during the holidays. At the campsite, you can walk with toilet paper from your tent to the bathroom and back. And on the beach you walk on the soft sand to your deck chair “.

table and tree trunk

In particular, high-end athletes who still want to train during the holidays are often disappointed with the limited sports facilities. “It is better to reverse the question,” Buivenga says. “What is possible?” Gym presenter and owner Ari Boomsma has ideas for this: swim with your friends, play badminton with parents, play badminton with your kids. So is climbing, rowing, cycling, and so on ”.


With a table or chair, a tree stump, a towel and even with your own body weight, you can go farther than you think

Ari Boomsma

Boomsma can also reassure strength athletes. “If you don’t train for two weeks, you won’t lose muscle mass or strength.” In addition, you can do without luxury sports facilities. “It forces you to try exercises you wouldn’t normally do,” Buivenga says. Boomsma: With a table or chair, a tree trunk, a towel, and even with your own body weight, you can go farther than you think.

Ari’s tips for an active recovery vacation:

• ,, Training with your own body weight is the simplest. You can do push-ups, aerobic push-ups, aerobics, pull-ups and crawl on the sand. ” To be clear: “The latter is not because you drank too much at night.”

• You can train your biceps in the pool. Make a twisting motion underwater with an open hand. Twenty times, you really feel like it’s burning. “

• Do not empty your bag, because you can do what is called the farmer’s transport or the farmer’s walk. Great basic exercise. Just a short walk with two heavy bags “.

• You can do bedside squats, push-ups, sit-ups, planks, and even floor exercises.

Of course, you can also bring your own gym equipment. “Carrying weights is a bit tricky,” says the owner of the Vondelgym gym chain. “But there is always room for a rubber band.” According to a well-known trainer, you can do full exercises with this. “Before traveling, do three workouts on YouTube, Tiktok or Instagram and keep a regular routine of your activities.”


If you’re not exercising, it’s important to watch your food. And the opposite is also true: if you eat badly, move more

Johnny Bovenga

“Although it may be wise for some to leave exercise equipment at home,” Buivenga says. “Especially if you find it difficult to do nothing. Otherwise, you will be tempted. ” Boomsma agrees. “The flying birds and the badminton group are more important.”

The paradox of celebrating the holiday

For many people, vacation means not only giving up sports, but also eating less healthy foods. “It has to do with cognitive dissonance,” Buivenga explains. “If people exercise fanatically, they often eat healthy foods as well. Once they stop exercising, people quickly think: well, healthy eating doesn’t make sense either. ” The paradox of the celebration of Eid: the opposite is true. “If you’re not exercising, it’s important to pay attention to your food. And vice versa: if you eat badly, start training more ”.

Italian Buivenga pleasure of guilt They are sweets for breakfast. “Delicious, but if I eat too much, I don’t feel well.” Hence, dosage and compensation. “Grab an ice cream, have a glass of wine and make sure you get enough exercise.”

Boomsma recommends starting your meal with vegetables. “Then fill us with other delicacies.” The following applies: avoid clutter and give yourself quality. Then choose the beautiful products of the region. If you keep the portions small, you can eat anything. Taste and have fun with others and be kind to yourself ”.



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