Basketball, the company Magic Basket Chieti guest in the Municipality

The mayor Diego Ferrara and the councilor for sport, Manuel Pantalone met the technical staff and the boys and girls of the two Magic Basket Chieti teams.

“A meeting that stems from the administration’s desire to shorten the distance with the whole sporting world – so the mayor Diego Ferrara and the councilor Manuel Pantalone – As we have also done with other city sports teams, we met them to ingratiate them with bringing the our colors in the competitions that concern them and to have honored them with their commitment and talent. As an Administration we want to support the young generations of citizen sportsmen and those of basketball see us in the front row, so that this discipline, historic for the city, has the maximum diffusion as a practice and offer. For this reason we have made the municipal structures available, certain that they would be well animated and made usable also for the city. Soon we will be happy to inaugurate also that of the Friars Minor of Mater Domini that Magic manages with the CSI and which, the company reports, will be ready to reopen its doors from September. We want to wish the best to these talents, many come from outside, the Theatines carry on a belonging not only to the city but also to the family, our most sincere encouragement comes to all. For sport we will continue to do a lot: our goal was to get all the city facilities up and running and after two years it is the same for our 18 places that serve as a nursery and reference for many disciplines, some will be affected by important redevelopment works for which we have already had the financial coverage. Never before has Chieti been so open arms for those who love sport and want to practice it to the fullest thanks to their talent. The work done by the Magic staff is also valid, as they have been able to guide these guys well and be a reference for the city ”.

“We are proud to have led the two Magic teams to win the regional title – according to the president Enzo Milillo – it is an award that recognizes the efforts of all our boys and girls, but also of the entire staff and of those who commit themselves every day. so that you get on the pitch with the energy you need and with the best possible training, both sporting and human. It is a goal, the victories are a consequence of the great work we are doing in the youth sector, we hope to continue giving Chieti the answer of our commitment, which becomes more important, because soon we will also start with a new plant to demonstrate how much Magic believe in the new generation. Spaces that we will use to continue and strengthen our path, but which will also be available to young people who are talented, but less fortunate than others and perhaps are forced to give up playing sports. We thank the administration for having received and motivated us with the encouragement that has been given to us, ready to carry out a synergy that is beautiful for everyone ”.



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