Basketball men’s Japan national team Yudai Baba, Tom Horvath to become a shooter in the new system? “I think we’re going to have more three-three attempts than ever before.” – Basket Count |

Horvath “Challenge to see if he can change his mind to a shooter”

The Japan Men’s Basketball National Team is preparing for the international warm-up match against the Iran National Team, which will be held on the 13th and 14th of this week.

While several members of the “Asia Cup” were selected as members this time, Yudai Baba attracted more attention. Baba, who was introduced to Tom Horvath’s style for the first time, said, “This is the first time I’ve played for the national team since the Tokyo Olympics last year, and it’s the first time I’ve played basketball with Coach Horvath, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m always thinking about whether I can fit in,” he said about his current state of mind.

Baba’s greatest strength is the drive that he can unleash from his physical ability, which is far from Japanese. However, Head Coach Horvath emphasizes 3-point shots, and naturally requires Baba to throw many 3-point shots. Baba, who has continued to challenge the NBA and participated in the summer league as a member of the Warriors this summer, of course understands the importance of 3-point shooting. Still, it will not be easy to adjust to the reversal of the balance between his greatest strength, driving and outside shooting. Baba also says, “I’ve never done basketball in my life.”

“Director Horvath told me that if you can attack 10, you should be aware of 7 3-point shots and 3 drives and passes. Until now, I used to make 3 or 4 attempts throughout the game. However, Director Horvath told me that he wanted me to hit 7 or 8. 3-point shots are essential to play overseas, so I practiced all the time. I think of it mentally now as a drive.”

As Head Coach Horvath said, “He’s a special defender,” his defensive ability is one of Baba’s attractions. If Baba, who has a reputation as a “3&D” player overseas, can perfectly fit into Horvath’s style, it will not only establish his standing position, but also lead to the NBA. That’s why Head Coach Horvath has high hopes, saying, “You can’t enter the NBA unless you’re good outside. It’s a challenge to see if he can change his mindset as a shooter.”

Baba says. “Manager Horvath has a lot of pass-and-gos and cuts, and his style of basketball is fast even on the half court. Since my stance is to hit, I will have more opportunities to look at the defensive position while looking for a pass with the ball. I think that more space to drive will be created by being conscious of

Many people imagine a dunk from a steel when they hear Baba. Of course, I would like to expect such a dynamic play. Still, I would like to pay attention to how Baba’s play, which has become a shooter’s mindset, will change.



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