Basketball: Haneffe found his home this Tuesday, August 2, 2022

In a bright room and seeming to have gained in volume, the group of Renaud Leclercqs has therefore made its first lengths in order to prepare for a season that everyone wants to be ambitious.“I think the club has done things in a positive way to allow us to have a good season,”explained a coach who feels motivated.“The players trained physically from Monday by going for the P3. This Tuesday is the start of the basketball program with a very busy schedule. In total, we will have 3 sessions per week in addition to matches for a total of 21 performances in August. We will clearly start by working on the physicality of the team because we were too tight in the field last year. The other priority, for me, is to make everyone progress defensively. It was one of our big shortcomings last year and we must take advantage of this preparation to erase that.”

Because the coach does not hide the ambitions.“We want to play as long as possible for a place in the play-off. I know that the group collapsed last year when we started to believe in it, but we must have ambitions. The core is there and we are coming back in a room which must become a force and which is magnificent. The goal is to remain undefeated, to offer a good game and therefore to bring the public there.”

The framework is there. Now, it must be made concrete with, an absentee for this premiere: Benoît Tassin.“He is in difficulty with his Achilles tendon and we are not going to take any risks, especially since the first match is in 10 days”concluded Leclerqs.



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