Basketball: Defeat against Venezuela in the women’s South American – Polideportivo

The Paraguayan team suffered a tough defeat against Venezuela in yesterday’s game, by the score of 76-65, leaving with the only possibility of a triumph in today’s game against Argentina, to advance to the semifinals of the South American Women’s Basketball Championship “Saint Louis 2022″.

The oil companies always played with an advantage against the panthers, who won the third quarter and were surpassed in the other boys: 8-18, 19-22, 24-17, 14-19.

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All the chips will be on today’s game, against the hosts, in the last game of the group stage, at 19:30.

Venezuela will measure Ecuador, which lost against our team, seeking its classification to “semis”. In Group B, Brazil has already advanced with two wins. The other quota is fought by Colombia, Uruguay and Chile.

The best two of each group will be semifinalists and tickets to the AmeriCup 2023 are also won.

San José with the first arm wrestling

San José won the first final of the Men’s National League, defeating Olimpia Kings 70-69, on Monday, at the “León Condou”.

Tomorrow game 2 of 5 possible will be played at the “Osvaldo Domínguez Dibb” sports center, starting at 7:30 p.m.

The final series is played to the best of five games, therefore, the team that wins three matches will be the monarch of the National League.



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