Baseball star Derek Jeter gets a manicure from his daughters

Derek Jeter enjoyed a spa afternoon in the comfort of her own home. The retired baseball star, aged 48 anssat on a lawn chair while her two eldest daughters Bella et Story 3 years, gave him a manicure! One of them held a bottle of pink polish while another held a blue bottle, while he joked, “HELP, in the caption of the post, shared on Thursday August 4th. Derek gave the camera a humorous look of distress as he stayed put, wearing a pair of black shorts and a gray t-shirt. The 6 month old baby River also appeared in the photo with his back to the camera.

Derek shares his three daughters with his wife Hannah Jeter, 32, whom he married in 2016. Last May, he gave his Instagram followers an update on family life in Miami, Florida, where he now lives full-time. “The family is doing very well. Three girls, almost 5, 3 and 6 months old. So pray for me, man! “, he joked via an Instagram story to a curious fan. “But we’re here in Miami – I love Miami, I’ve been here almost four years – and we couldn’t be more blessed,” he added.

Derek also said being a father has been the most rewarding experience for him. “Hands down the most rewarding thing I’ve been a part of.” He explained on CBS This Morning in February 2018. “Regardless of how your day went at work, when you come home and see a smile on your daughter’s face, it’s all worth it,” he said. he added.

Derek’s friends and followers were certainly surprised by his latest Instagram photo, including his friend Hannah Davis. George Posada. “Toes are next!!!! the former baseball star wrote in the comments section, as Bobby Abreu simply left laughing emojis. His sister Sharlee Jeter who is the president of the Turn 2 Foundation, Inc. couldn’t help but share a series of laughing emojis towards her brother or sister! “I’ve been there before. Cherish these moments. They are growing too fast! #girldad,” a fan also added some words of wisdom.



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