Baseball, Ronchi crushers against Senago

Itas Mutua Rovigo, with the draw against Poviglio, wins the first place in the “E” group of the salvation pool in the “A” baseball league. Now the New Black Panthers of Ronchi dei Legionari, who liquidated Senago with a peremptory 2 to 0 (fourth in the standings who will fly to Cagliari for the Italian Cup at the end of the month), will face Brescia in recovery next Saturday and with a victory they would win. the second place in the standings, thus being able to play the first phase of the Italian Cup between the friendly walls with an opponent is expected either Settimo Torinese or Verona.

The races last Saturday were preceded by a great moment of uncertainty and fear on the possibility of a smooth running of the two meetings due to a fault in a Gaspardis electrical substation, resolved by the prompt intervention of the municipal technicians with the active presence of the mayor Mauro Welcome.

At 15 o’clock the first game reserved for the Italian pitchers begins, and the Ronchesi hitters start immediately, making themselves heard with a series of hits and already forfeiting four points in the first inning. On the local mound Marco Pizzolini he is confident and adequately contains the attackers of the opponents.

It continues like this with the local clubs that continue to hammer (eighteen total valid at the end) and the very careful defense. In the two games he makes no mistake, a very important meaning, confirming the great concentration of all the players who took to the field.

Only in the fourth inning, when Pizzolini slows down and is replaced by Pietro Stabilethe Lombards are approaching by scoring a point, but the reaction of the Ronchesi is immediately ready and sure, continuing their positive trend.

Another shot of pride of the guests in the seventh who find two points with a nice home run by Estrada, but it ends there because Ronchi is increasingly in control of the race. Given the large result, the manager Furlan fielded a useful rotation of athletes, also making some young people like the academician debut Mattia Midena. In attack, everyone’s performance was excellent: on the shields Daniele Furlan (3/5), Alessandro Serra (3/6), Massimo Pilutti (2/3), Marco Ghergolet (2/2).

In the evening they go up the mound for the New Black Panthers Hector Rodriguez and for Senago Bryan Sheldon and start a stellar duel. For the first innings the attacks are silenced by the value of the throws of the two contenders, who unleash a high-class repertoire.

The Lombard pitcher in five innings concedes five hits and a base on ball and performs eight strike outs. On the other hand, the Venezuelan of Ronchi in six rounds puts to the plate fourteen men, concedes a base and for a trifle does not sign a no hitter, soiled by a single valid diamond in the sixth inning.

When the Senago pitcher changes in the sixth inning, Ronchi’s forwards go wild and produce a seven-point big inning that will bring opponents to their knees. A series of hits and a few errors produce a safety rut for the premises.

Francesco Nardi replaces Rodriguez and concedes two points to the eighth. But Simon Bazzarini peremptorily closes every Lombard ambition in ninth with an excellent performance. Eleven total valid at the end for the New Black Pathers with Ivan Cechet 3/4, Marco Furlani 3/4, Marco Ghergolet e Luca Furlani 2/4.

In short, a great test of character by Ronchi, who is now waiting for Brescia to take second place in the standings.

I Risultati: gives. E1: Black Panthers Ronchi-Senago11-3, 7-2; TMC Platform Poviglio-Itas Mutua Rovigo 8-3, 2-3 (10th); Ecotherm Brescia-Sultan Cervignano 3-0, 1-10.

The Ranking: Itas Mutua Rov (15-5), .750; New Black Panthers Ronchi (12-6), .667; Platform TMC Pov (12-8), .600; Senago (8-12), .400; Sultan Cerv (7-13) .350; Ecotherm Bre (4-14), .222.

(Ronchi and Brescia two games less will recover on Saturday 6 August at Gaspardis in Ronchi dei Legionari).



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