Baseball bat attack on rival dealers: three arrests

Yesterday afternoon, on delegation from the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Naples, the State Police executed an application order of the precautionary measure of house arrest, issued by the GIP of the Court of Naples, against: RG, (cl .1965); RS, (cl. 1992); PC, (cl. 1977); suspected, for various reasons, of attempted extortion, aggravated personal injury, illicit competition with violence and threats and carrying objects capable of offending.

The investigative activities, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Naples and conducted by the Mobile Squad of the local Police Headquarters, were initiated following a violent assault which took place on 12 March in S. Giorgio a Cremano (Na) by RG and RS in the confrontations of three individuals belonging to the same family unit (including a woman and an invalid), one of whom was seriously injured, as he was repeatedly and violently hit on the head with a baseball bat; conduct that did not cause more serious consequences only thanks to the timely intervention of a State Police operator free from service who disarmed one of the criminals. At the same time, the victims were threatened with death by the criminals, using a gun.

The investigations launched immediately have ascertained that the reason for the attack was to be found in the willingness on the part of the perpetrators to get rid of the competition of the victims who carry out a similar commercial activity in the same territorial context.

Furthermore, it emerged that this violent act had been preceded by other similar acts, carried out through “ambushes” and always for the same purpose, which occurred a few months earlier by RG and RS, in competition with PC, to the detriment of two of the three subjects attacked on 12 March.

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