Barça is primed with some poor Mexicans

We had always played the Gamper against teams really out of time and place, but the Pumas thing yesterday marked a milestone of the cutrez. Still impressed by Lewandowski’s presentation that Joan Laporta made like a “Halo president” of Hugo Chávez, who has been beautiful as never before, we went to the last dress rehearsal of the team before the league premiere.

The Pole put his legend of jinx at Barça on pause with a goal of some merit due to the lack of angle, but what he above all left in evidence was the shortcomings of the Mexicans. The Catalan announcers greatly exaggerated the difficulty of the goal, with that desire of the local to exaggerate the benefits of the imported car that they have bought. After two minutes, Lewandowski returned the assistance to Pedri, who scored the second. Dembélé wanted to participate in the scoring piñata but the rival goalkeeper prevented him with two stupendous interventions. Andrés Lillini, Pumas coach, seemed like the Valencian cousin of Manuel Barragán. In the 9th minute Dembélé finally got away with it and scored the third with a low, dry whiplash. The Mexicans were a bit sad, but sincerely sorry, not contemptuous, so overcome and incapable. Lewandowski, a beautiful assist from behind, and Pedri, once again abused the visitor’s inexperience and the fourth goal was as if drawn with pen drawing. It’s really not to take credit away from anyone, but it’s easy to sink the knife into the butter. A stick from Raphinha and another from the Pole, who on the next play had enough of the ball and ended up shooting into the belly of an opposing defender.

Pumas had such a low level that to gloss Barcelona’s game with great fuss was cheap euphoria, since winning 4-0 before half an hour, it was a bit absurd to judge Xavi’s inaccuracies and errors. But it must be noted that even against such a small rival, the initial effervescence of the team gave way to apathy, disinterest and boredom as always happens with Barça and its game system, whoever plays and who trains them train. Collapses. Nothing happens against the Mexicans, but with this in Europe you don’t go past the quarterfinals. It didn’t rain in Barcelona, ​​as expected and the half part came without further ado, to the great anger of the Pumas players with the referee for reasons that only they will know. The most substantial thing is Barça playing with two wingers, Raphinha on the left and Dembélé on the right. It is difficult that, together with Lewandowski, this is not the starting striker next Saturday, against Rayo.

Various changes in the second half, which broke any sense of continuity with the first: Piqué, Jordi Alba, Nico, Kessie, Frenkie De Jong, Aubameyang and Ansu entered. Barça announced that 83,000 fans had come to the Camp Nou, and the feeling is that it was a frankly rounded-up figure. Aubameyang scored the fifth. Good assists from Lewandowski and Kessie, the latter with a break point included in the area. On the next move, the Pole failed again, which was easier to score. After the initial goal, it was the third muddy of him. He is a very good player, I am not going to doubt this, but he is older and he has had bad luck since he arrived at Barça. Alba messed up, put Ter Stegen in trouble, and the public made him ugly with whistles in the background. Koundé entered between occasions.

The feeling of unreality, of lack of references with such a weak rival, and of boredom due to the mixture of insignificance and match clowning, created impatience ahead of Saturday’s premiere.

The local euphoria, insufferable as a villager; but it cannot be denied that the team has been reinforced in conditions. In any case, until the team is measured against serious rivals and in complicated games, the success or failure of the signings cannot be assessed. Terrible torpor, almost more than heat. All very for tourists. Trumpets and other instruments in the stands, playing strange melodies. Pumas was undone without the possibility of redemption. Barça gave headers like someone who falls asleep and doesn’t want to watch TV. The audience suddenly began to sing as if we had something at stake. Piqué tried to score as a rabona, but it didn’t work out. He was seen wanting to look good with the fans. Another suit from Barça, in this case from Aubameyang. Very good Kessie, giving depth and not trying to do things that he knows perfectly well that he doesn’t know what to do.

The public ended up playing waves and games with mobile lights, for lack of other incentives on the pitch. Years ago in the Gamper paper airplanes were made and they were celebrated as goals when they entered the goals. Night of illusions for a hobby so accustomed to failure that they get excited about anything.



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