Badminton World Championships Comprehensive: Zhao Junpeng eliminated world runner-up Chen Yufei in the first battle

Badminton World Championships Comprehensive: Zhao Junpeng eliminated world runner-up Chen Yufei in the first battle

2022-08-25 11:06:52Source: Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, August 24 (Reporter Wang Zijiang) The badminton World Championships entered the third day on the 24th. The Chinese team’s men’s singles Zhao Junpeng created an “unpopular” and eliminated last year’s World Championship runner-up by 2:0 and once ranked first in the world. The Indian veteran Sri Kanter, advanced to the round of 16. Olympic women’s singles champion Chen Yufei and women’s doubles top seeds Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan also advanced to the round of 16.

As the No. 12 seed in the tournament, Sri Kanter was obviously out of shape. He lost the first game with 9:21. Although he stepped up his offensive in the second game, he once led 16:14, but in front of Zhao Junpeng’s attack, he made frequent mistakes and quickly lost 17:21 lost the game.

Zhao Junpeng, ranked 23rd in the world, was also surprised by Srikanth’s performance. “In the first game, I think he didn’t get used to it. There were too many mistakes on the sideline and the bottom line. In the second game, the two were more tit-for-tat. He finally expected to play high-quality balls, but it was always a little bit worse. I think he was still under too much pressure. .”

Zhao Junpeng’s opponent in the next round is fifth seed Li Zijia from Malaysia.

In the women’s singles match, Chen Yufei defeated Malaysia’s Xie Shuya 21:17, 21:15 to advance to the top 16. This is Chen Yufei’s sixth consecutive victory over Xie Shuya. She will face Thailand’s Li Weiwei in the next round. The two met in the second round of the Malaysia Masters last month. Chen Yufei won 2-0.

All four pairs of the Chinese team participating in the women’s doubles competition played in the second round. The top seeds Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan defeated the Indian pair Ponnapa/Reddy with 21:15 and 21:10, and they went to their third place. The world champion took the first step to success. Du Yue/Li Wenmei defeated teammates Liu Xuanxuan/Xia Yuting by 21:17, 21:13, Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu defeated Scottish partner McPherson/Torrance by 21:14, 21:17, Zhang Shuxian In the mixed doubles match with Guo Xinwa that night, they lost 16:21 and 11:21 to Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue of Hong Kong, China.

In other matches of the day, Japanese men’s singles star Kento Momota unexpectedly lost to Indian player Prannoy with 17:21 and 16:21, which was the biggest upset since the start of the match. Kento Momota, who has won the world championship twice, has faced opponents seven times before without a single defeat. Unfortunately, this time he was unable to recover against the home audience. This is another major setback he encountered after last year’s Olympic Games.

The second seed in women’s singles and Chinese Taipei’s Tai Tzu-ying defeated Slovakia’s Repiska and made the cut.

On the 25th, the Chinese team will usher in the busiest day since the start of the competition. All the advanced players will play and compete for the top eight qualifications.



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