Badminton: a big novelty in friendly tournaments

The Fédération francophone de Badminton (FFB) is innovating with an application intended to improve friendly tournaments for young people. This sport evolves with the times.


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This Saturday, BC Neufchâteau organized the first friendly youth tournament of the year. In total, almost 50 players from different clubs in the Province (including Bertrix, Marche, Arlon, Léglise or Martelange) were able to let off steam on the pitch. The novelty is the application created by the FFB. Before each tournament, players must now complete a questionnaire which will determine in which category they fall. Each player will therefore be confronted with another opponent of his strength. And we can also mix boys and girls, which was not the case before. Clearly, a player will now play more games and further improve his level. A system that is only applicable in friendly competition this season. Everyone seems delighted with this new system to be discovered in part in the report. Next meeting next Saturday in Léglise for a similar tournament. See as well : Federation, BC Neufchâteau

Laurent Trotta



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