Back to school and for the kids… “Brunette color” sneakers?

The one whose world came crashing down despite justifying herself with “I didn’t go”, they tell us, is the Secretary of Education of Sinaloa, Graciela Dominguez Navadue to the controversy unleashed by the “Morena-colored” tennis shoes that, were it not for the intervention of the governor Ruben Rocha (Morena), would have been delivered to the students for the next school year. The reason, they tell us, is that as soon as the possibility of this design was known, Doña Graciela was accused of having a very short memory, because in the last local Legislature, in which she was a deputy, she promoted reforms to the law so that do not profit from free school uniforms and supplies, after in 2020, the former governor and former PRI Quirino Ordaz Coppel he intended to incorporate the slogan of his administration into the design of school shoes: “Puro Sinaloa.” How are you!

For being treated in a private hospital they call the delegate fifí

Much criticized was in Chihuahua, they tell us, the superdelegate Juan Carlos Loera de la Rosa, after a few days ago he had to undergo surgery to treat lumbar disc disorders. The reason, they explain to us, is that despite having public hospitals and even Insabi at his disposal, he chose to attend one of the most expensive private hospitals in the region, which earned him criticism from some who criticized him for joining the side “fifí” and forget the austerity that he and his party preach. In the end, they point out to us, the truth is that the delegate is already recovering and even with the criticism, they tell us that he is optimistic to return to the ring.

Between aspirations and egos

From Puebla they reveal to us that the recent visit of the Secretary of the Interior did not sit well with the circles of the Barbosista power, Adam Augusto Lopez Hernandez. The reason, they explain to us, is that he held private and public meetings with nothing more and nothing less than the coordinator of the Morena legislative group in the Chamber of Deputies, Ignacio Mier, with whom the governor has even hit the bucket in recent months, because the government succession is well advanced. Between egos, aspirations and raised eyebrows, that’s how things are in the land of sweet potatoes.



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