Augsburg: Children’s Peace Festival 2022 attracts visitors to the zoo and botanical garden

More than 5000 visitors enjoyed themselves in the two facilities on the edge of the Siebentischwald.

Not only the peace table on the town hall square attracted crowds, but also the children’s peace festival in the botanical garden and in the zoo was a real attraction on Monday afternoon. The more than 5000 small and large guests could see how much they were looking forward to the event after two years of Corona abstinence.

At the judo rally at the zoo, Lukas helped four-year-old Lotta through the obstacle course.

Photo: Annette Zoepf

Around 40 hands-on activities directed by more than 200 volunteers awakened the creative streak and the sporting ambition of the children and young people. For example at a judo rally, where there was an obstacle course to overcome. As a small refreshment, there was the Augsburg Peace Campaign. Shortly before the end of the festival, visitors gathered in the botanical garden to form “living signs of peace”.



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