Attacked by a Rostock fan: Hertha fan killed – suspect (24) caught | Regional

Attack by a Rostock fan (24) after a football game |

Hertha fan killed – suspicious racket arrested

Hertha fan Michael R. († 55) fought for his life in the hospital, then he lost the fight.

Berlin/Rostock – After the fatal attack on the Hertha fan in May, there was no trace of the perpetrator. The police even searched with a phantom image. Now the arrest!

The police in Rostock arrested a 24-year-old on Wednesday morning, the Berlin Attorney General said. He is said to be responsible for the death of Hertha fan Michael R. († 55), who fell after a punch and suffered a traumatic brain injury, from which he died.

The 24-year-old was to be brought before the investigating judge on Wednesday to announce the arrest warrant that had already been issued against him.

The police used this phantom image to search for the suspect

Photo: Police

The terrible act

Born in Berlin, Michael R., who ran a catering company in Wedding with his wife, was on his way home from the Olympic Stadium around 11 p.m. on the evening of May 19 after Hertha had lost 1-0 to HSV in the relegation game.

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At the corner of Rominter Allee/Olympische Straße, a dispute broke out between him and a driver. The passenger got out of the BMW and suddenly hit Michael R. in the face with his fist. He then fled on foot, and his accomplice drove away in his car.

The cook fell and hit his head on the asphalt. skull fracture! He succumbed to his injuries in hospital two days later.



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