ATP > Mischa Zverev: “Nadal often does something new or unexpected when he’s behind, he does it when you don’t expect it, in a stressful situation”

During a very nice interview with Tennis Magazine Centered on the serve and volley, a technique of which Mischa Zverev was a worthy representative when he was still on the courts, Alexander’s brother took the opportunity to talk about Rafael Nadal who never hesitates to use this weapon during crucial points .

“The players, especially Medvedev, are preparing for long rallies. This is the tactic of building the point from behind. Rafa constantly analyzes the game and he knows when it is smart to create surprise moments. He often does something new or unexpected when behind, such as when there’s a break point against him. After a very long game, advantage – deuce – advantage – deuce, he suddenly throws a serve and volley. He does it when you least expect it, in a stressful situation. If Rafa played serve and volley all the time, it wouldn’t work. »



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