Atlético-Juventus in Tel Aviv is suspended!

Atlético-Juventus it will not be played in Tel Aviv. The latest military events, with new bombings in Gaza and possible reprisals, have placed the friendly match as a risky game and the Italian club considers that the safety of its squad cannot be guaranteed.

Atlético, for its part, will not travel to Israeli lands when the game is on the air. After exercising this morning, the staff had an appointment at 11:30 in Majadahonda to go to the airport and take off for Tel Aviv at 12:30, but at the last minute it was decided not to start the trip. The meeting was scheduled for Sunday at 8:45 p.m. (peninsular time) at Bloomfield Stadium. The club’s idea is to play a final friendly before the start of the League and Juventus proposes to play the friendly at the Juventus Stadium in Turin, an option that goes

gaining strength.

Until now, Atlético has played three friendly matches this preseason, reaping three victories. They faced Numancia (0-4) in Burgo de Osma, then Manchester United in Oslo (1-0) and last Thursday they won the Carranza trophy by thrashing Cádiz (1-4). Simeone’s idea went through a last and demanding meeting to shelve an exciting preseason. It is not ruled out that Juventus will be said rival in another destination or look for a team from Spain to face the start of the championship (Monday, August 15 against Getafe) with the squad fully plugged in. Keep in mind that the teams English, German, French and Portuguese their respective league championships have already begun.



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