athlete? waiter?He is a party member

athlete? waiter?He is a party member

2022-08-12 11:32:13Source: Xi’an News Network

“Actually, at the beginning, all of us golfers spontaneously gathered together to exercise. Later, the community sports meeting began. Everyone thought I was a member of the Communist Party and recommended me to lead everyone to participate in the competition.” On August 6, at Lianhu Park On the badminton field, when asked why he thought of organizing people in the community to participate in the community sports meeting, Wang Long replied.

Wang Long, 55 years old this year, lives in Xiyaowangdong Community, Qingnian Road Street, Lianhu District. different. After the community notified Xi’an that the first community sports meeting was going to be held, everyone agreed to participate in the competition, exercise and win honors together. Wang Long felt that as an old party member, it was his duty to provide services to everyone, so he not only participated in the competition but also took charge of the logistics of the team.

During the preparation process, everyone’s training enthusiasm was very high, and Wang Long was most concerned about the problem of injuries. Badminton is a high-volume sport, which can also cause some sports injuries while exercising. For this reason, Wang Long specially searched the Internet to sort out the vulnerable parts of the body and simple treatment methods when playing football. He purchased a medical box at his own expense, and put Yunnan Baiyao ointment, safflower oil, blood-activating and pain-relieving stickers, etc. on the top layer to reduce swelling and remove blood stasis. For external use of medicines, put gauze, cotton swabs, alcohol and other emergency dressing items on the bottom. He carries this medical kit with him every time he trains to help golfers who are accidentally injured deal with the affected area. “With Wang Long in front of you, everyone can rest assured when training.” Li Youming, a team member, told reporters.

In addition, Wang Long also actively contacted caring enterprises to provide free drinking water for everyone during training and competition. While doing a good job in serving the participating team members, we encourage everyone to become volunteers and help in the preparation of various events of the community games, “I hope the members of our team, not only the players, but also the servers of the community games, will deliver positive energy together. .” Wang Long said. Wang Long’s contribution, everyone sees it. “Wang Long’s actions during this competition made us feel very warm, and we always felt that party members were by our side.” Li Youming said.

With the joint efforts of everyone, the representative team of Xiyao Wangdong Community, Qingnian Road Street, where Wang Long is located, has strengthened its cohesion and improved its combat effectiveness. In the badminton competition of the Lianhu Division of the First Community Games of Xi’an, it won the second place in the badminton competition. The opportunity to represent Lianhu District in the city’s finals. “I just do what I can for the community games. There are many party members, volunteers and staff inside and outside the stadium. It is their silent dedication that makes this community games so exciting. Great!” Wang Long said.

Author: Jia Jinlong

Selection: Lianhu District Community Games Organizing Committee



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