At Sanremo Baseball the play-off for the first semifinal for Serie B

In recent days, on the Cairo Montenotte field, Sanremo Baseball beat Cairese with the result of 7 to 4 in the match valid as a play-off to determine access to the first semifinal for Serie B.
The match became necessary after Sanremo Baseball beat the Turin Grizzlies team on their home field.
Since both our team and Cairese shared the lead of the group, this play-off was necessary in order to establish which was the winner. -explain from Sanremo Baseballand thus continue the decisive challenges. The match was very exciting and our team played very carefully focusing on the result. In recent years, the team of Matuziano baseball has repeatedly won the possibility of returning to the military in Serie “B” but, unfortunately, first due to the lack of funds and then for Covid, it has always had to give up and renounce participation. This could be the right occasion to gradually return to the old glories
The match for the first semifinal is scheduled for 4 September on the Pian di Poma diamond (3 pm).



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