Astrada revealed how he tried to help Cirigliano and the impact of his arrest: “It was a very strong blow”

Astrada revealed how he tried to help Cirigliano and the impact of his arrest: “It was a very strong blow”
Leonardo Astrada revealed the gesture he had with Ezequiel Cigliano a few years ago when he found out about his problems. Also, his reaction when he found out about the detention

In case of Ezequiel Cirigliano, the former River Plate player who was arrested and charged with three crimes, including “attempted robbery”, penetrated deep into the world of football. This Thursday, Leonardo Astrada, the coach who made him debut in the River Plate First Division, referred to the subject and confessed how he wanted to help him a few years ago when he found out that the midfielder already had some problems.

“When I leave River and he began to appear I knew that he had had some episodes of instability. He was dating a friend’s daughter, that’s where I got the phone and talked to him to make myself available for whatever he needed. Later they ended up breaking up and he went to Italy, where they were still in contact, but I had no more news. I found out that he was in Godoy Cruz, in Tigre, ”El Negro told the program ESPN F-Team, in which he is a panelist.

“It’s a shame because he is an exceptional human being. A very shy boy, you started talking to him and it was difficult for him to speak. The truth is that when I found this novelty it was a very big blow”, remarked the former central midfielder, who, occupying the same position as Cirigliano, saw conditions in him and that is why he promoted him.

The player who emerged from the Millionaire was charged with three crimes, including “attempted robbery”

“I was not surprised by what happened now because at that time there was already talk of the meetings he had. That’s why I I had approached to see if he could isolate himself a bit from therebut well, they are decisions that they make and they are life choices, unfortunately, “he added.

At one point the host Luciana Rubinska pointed to the contexts that some players sometimes have and how it conditions them. In tune with that concept, Leo sentenced: “There are thousands of footballers like that”. On the subject, another who directed it and who held the same position was Matías Almeyda, who also had a great gesture today with Cirigliano.

Astrada did not hide her feelings when she saw the image of Cirigliano arrested. “When they sent me the image, it was a very big blow. I was out of the country and it hit very hard because one knew him a little more in his youth and we believed that there were possibilities for him to get on track and get on track”, he highlighted.

Cirigliano became captain of River Plate after promotion in 2012

“From what they tell me when he returned from Europe he was very disappointed because he wanted to stay in Verona. I don’t know why the negotiation wasn’t given to him, that would have helped him too,” revealed Astrada.

On Monday of last week, Cirigliano was captured with a firearm in the Buenos Aires town of Caseros and allegedly apprehended for having tried to enter a house for the purpose of robbery and firing shots. Nevertheless, his lawyer and a cousin of the former central midfielder of River denied the versions and referred to the mental health of the former footballer. They assured that he had not gone to commit any robbery and that suffers from a “great depression” caused by not being able to return to the Núñez club. He was indicted for “Attempted qualified robbery due to the use of a firearm, illegal possession of a weapon of war and violation of the domicile”.

The central midfielder was a promise of River Plate and at the time compared with Javier Mascherano. She debuted at the age of 18 with the help of Astradawho was the team’s coach in 2010. Ezequiel continued at the club and spent the season in the First National and once the Millionaire returned to the First Division in 2012, He became team captain. With the shirt of the Núñez entity he played a total of 53 games. He also played in youth teams and was on the radar of big clubs like Manchester United and Manchester City.


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