Assault on a referee in Argentina; player hit and kicked him; suspended for life

The aggression occurred in the reserve match of the third division of the Tres Arroyos League, played by the teams Independence and Deportivo Garmense.

The person in charge of dispensing justice was Dalma Cortadi, who stopped the duel for a warning in the middle of the field.

However, the yellow card was not to the liking of Cristian Tirone, 34-year-old defender from Garmense, who attacked the woman from behind with a hit in the middle of the race.

The impact was so forceful that the 30-year-old lady fell instantly, which the aggressor took advantage of to kick her.

This attack caused the judge to be transferred to a hospital in Chaves, the town that hosted the match, where a police doctor detected her abrasions in the cervical region and in the right knee.

Meanwhile, police officers entered the court to take the madman to the local police station, although despite his arrest he continued to fight with the handful of uniformed men who captured him.

Consequently, José del Río, president of Garmense, assured the local media that the subject, who is still imprisoned and charged with the crime of aggravated injuries to a woman, was “banned for life”

“The Institution expresses its solidarity with the judge who was attacked, expresses its apologies, places itself at your disposal and undertakes to continue working to eradicate violence in all its forms,” the club stated in a press release.

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Assault on a referee in Argentina; player hit him from behind

On video, the moment of the attack and the statement from the club to which the aggressor belongs:


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