Are you still going on holiday in your own country? Then great sunny summer weather is waiting for you

For those who are still waiting for a holiday in their own country: wonderful! But something beautiful awaits you: great sunny warm summer weather. It looks very good according to the weather forecasters. So pack your swimsuit and bathing suit or bikini, just like sunscreen.

All schoolchildren will have the next few weeks off and the weather during a holiday in their own country looks fine. But also for those who stay at home of course. The sun often shines brightly and it remains dry on most days. Showers are possible only between tomorrow evening and Friday morning, locally with thunder. The temperature rises considerably every day and in a large part of the country it is tropically warm for the first few days.

Enjoy a holiday in your own country to the fullest

For those who are on holiday in their own country, it is really enjoyable (here are some Metro tips about going on holiday and how to leave work at home). The sun is shining and it will remain dry for the foreseeable future. If you are on a camping site or if you have rented a cottage, you can go outside every day and enjoy the pleasant weather. It will be very warm today and tomorrow with tropical temperatures. According to the Weeronline weather service, it is wise to limit activities during the hottest part of the day.

In the north and west the temperature rises to 27 to 29 degrees. In the center and east it will be 30 to 32 degrees and in the south the mercury rises to 33 degrees. Rico Schröder of Weeronline has recommendations: “Watch out for the sun, because it is still high with sun strength 6 to 7. So apply well, because the unprotected skin burns in fifteen minutes.” And know: burning once is already very harmful to your delicate skin.

Tomorrow the temperature will rise again and especially along the eastern border it can still be tropical warm with 30 to 32 degrees. In the rest of the country, the mercury remains below 30 degrees and from the west it gradually cools in the afternoon. The wind turns from west to northwest. Less warm air is then supplied, which makes your holiday in your own country a lot more pleasant.

Continued good summer weather from Friday

Tomorrow evening the chance of a few showers and thunderstorms increases in the southeastern half of the country. Also in the night to Friday and Friday during the day, some rain and thunderstorms are possible, especially in the southeastern half of the country. Some light rain may fall in the west of the country on Friday morning. But then…! The showers will move to the east in the course of Friday and the sun will break through well from the west.

Also on the weekend the sun shines a lot and it is dry. A splash of rain may fall in the north of the country on Saturday from some clouds. The wind blows from the north and the temperatures reach 20 degrees in the north and 25 in the south. The weather is wonderful for a walk or bike ride during your holiday in your own country, but also for other activities such as golfing.

Gradually rising temperatures

After the weekend it will remain dry and the sun will shine brightly. The wind turns east to northeast, bringing warmer air back to our regions. The temperature will therefore gradually rise again, making it hot in more and more places with maximum temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees.



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