Archery: what it really means to practice it

Practicing archery: the reality of this sport!

… I really like the idea of ​​having a bow, knowing how to assemble and use it. In addition, films are told about the exploits of great archers, beautiful and elegant in their movements which, I am sure, have inspired many to practice this sport.

… I wanted to try a new sport that I discovered I like so much because, despite having just started, I realized that it can lead to great satisfaction. And when despite the wind, the anxiety, you hit the center it is a truly enormous satisfaction.

I wanted to start this article with the words of two girls who practice archery in mine Reggio Emilia Archery Schoolto show readers who are unfamiliar with this discipline, how much emotion can there be in the shot of an arrow.

Archery is one of those sports that must be explained in order to be understood. Not because it is difficult but only because the technical gesture seen from the outside fails to fully show the great value of personal intimacy that binds the archer to his bow, to his being present and concentrated shot after shot.

In fact, the shot itself is very simple

Once you hit the target just repeat the gesture for N times. This disarming simplicity: it is enough to repeat the same gesture over and over, in fact it transports us to a wonderful world made of myths, heroes, history. An intimate and social world, complex and full of satisfactions, a world of concentration and interpersonal knowledge. A sport that allows growth as a person and as a sportsman.

As they say in our sports world to show the importance of the union of the bow, arrow, archer package: made arrow. A way of saying that indicates the great intimacy of the technical gesture, of the great relationship that the archer develops with the perception of his bow as an offshoot of his own body.

The sport of archery requires precision, control, concentration, physical ability and determination. It is a sport that can be practiced by everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability. Physically opening a bow consumes energy, as does walking towards the target to collect arrows. Opening an arch activates the muscles of the chest, the hands, the arms and the large muscles of the upper back, but you also do activities for the other parts, which even if with less intensity, are still engaged.

Archers learn to stay focused by avoiding external distractions to shoot the perfect arrow. This control is also beneficial for other areas of life. Archery is easy to learn, but complex to master. Having the determination to accurately repeat a technique makes you a better archer and, consequently, a better person!

Staying calm and accurate is a skill archers develop by managing your breathing, concentration, when in line, archery is all about you and your bow. The perfect time to talk to you.

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Archery allows you to practice together with great champions, all on the same shooting line, all with the same possibilities. Archery is barrier-free and allows for friendships between individuals from all walks of life. You never know who you will share your passion with. If these few lines have intrigued you and you want to try archery, contact the editorial staff. I will show you the center closest to your home.



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